Summer of chills continues on Shudder in July

Luke David Blum as David - Son - Photo Credit: Philip Dembinski/Shudder
Luke David Blum as David - Son - Photo Credit: Philip Dembinski/Shudder /
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July 16:

Everly – Salma Hayek is Everly, a woman who is enslaved in sexual slavery. When a criminal overlord finds out that Everly is working with the police, he sends hitmen to torture and kill her. But Everly is more than meets the eye and will do anything to protect herself and her family.

July 19:

She’s Allergic to Cats – Michael is just a lonely guy working as a dog groomer by day, and making odd videos by night. When he meets Cora, he finally has hope, but will his romantic dreams come true?.

Here Comes Hell – Shot in black and white to make its 1930s’ setting more realistic, Here Comes Hell combines humor, gore and snappy patter.  A group of characters at a 1930’s dinner party decides it will be great fun to have a séance, and then things get crazy bloody.

Vigilante – Factory worker Eddie (Robert Forster) is just a regular working guy until his wife and young son are attacked by thugs. When the perpetrators are set free after bribing the judge, Eddie turns vigilante and seeks violent revenge.

July 20:

Mass Hysteria – Filmed in Salem, Massachusetts, Mass Hysteria is described as a dark comedy. A tourist dies in Salem on Halloween night and a modern-day witch hunt involving witch trial reenactors begins.

ROT –  Madison is a grad student, intent on her studies as she pursues a scholarship opportunity. While she is planning to break up with her boyfriend Jesse, he is infected with a rage virus and starts to change in ominous ways.

July 22:

Kandisha  (Shudder Original, also available in CA, UKI and ANZ) – Amelie, Bintou and Morjana do as teens will do, hanging out during their summer break. They spend the evenings telling spooky stories and discussing urban legends, but fun times end when Amelie is assaulted by her ex-boyfriend. Then, Amelie remembers Kandisha, a vengeance demon, and decides to summon her. Now the three friends must figure out how to stop Kandisha’s killing spree.

July 26:

Etheria: The Series – Etheria brings us diverse horror offerings from female directors in this new anthology series. The stories range from comedy to extreme gore.

They Remain – Based on a short story by writer Laird Barron, They Remain is about two scientists who are investigating the woods on a former cult compound.

Der Bunker – In this horror-comedy, a student rents a room, hoping it will be a peaceful place to study. When he moves in, he discovers that his new abode is actually a bunker, and he is expected to tutor the homeowner’s odd son.

July 27

Adoration – 12-year-old Paul lives in the woods with his mother, close to a psychiatric hospital. When he meets and becomes infatuated with a patient named Gloria, he decides to help her escape. When they are out on their own, Gloria’s illness begins to take over, and she becomes dangerous.

July 29

The Boy Behind the Door (Shudder Original, also available in CA, UKI and ANZ) 12-year-old Kevin and Bobby are best friends, abducted by a stranger while they are on their way home after school. Bobby manages to escape, but he must hide from the abductor and find a way to save his friend. This is one of the more highly anticipated additions to the July lineup.

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