Old, Blood Red Sky, and 6 best horror movies to watch this weekend, July 23-25

BLOOD RED SKY - Courtesy of Netflix
BLOOD RED SKY - Courtesy of Netflix /
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Freaky (2020)

  • HBO on Saturday, July 24
  • Director: Christopher Landon
  • Starring: Kathryn Newton, Vince Vaughn, Katie Finneran, Celeste O’Connor, Misha Osherovich, and Alan Ruck

What happens when the town killer finds a mystical dagger that leads him to switch bodies with a 17-year-old at the local high school. Poor Millie Kessler is your average teenager, and all she wants to do is graduate and escape the popular kids at school.

But then she gets targeted by the infamous serial killer, The Butcher, and when he stabs her with the dagger, the pair switch bodies. Suddenly Millie’s problems get so much worse as the killer leaves a trail of carnage while running around in Millie’s body, yet poor Millie lives in fear that she’s going to be stuck in a murderer’s body forever.

Kandisha (2020)

  • Now on Shudder
  • Directors: Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury
  • Starring: Mériem Sarolie, Walid Afkir, Suzy Bemba, Bakary Diombera, and Sandor Funtek

A French horror film and Shudder Original, Kandisha centers on three childhood friends that get involved with a devilish game. One night they summon the spirit of an ancient creature from Moroccan legend. Their game soon turns into a nightmare as the avenging spirit starts attacking the people they’re closest to. Their friends must do whatever it takes to contain the creature.