Evil Season 2, Episode 6 recap: C is for Cop

Pictured Katja Herbers as Kristen Bouchard of the Paramount+ series EVIL.Photo: Elizabeth Fisher/CBS ©2021Paramount+ Inc. All Rights Reserved.
Pictured Katja Herbers as Kristen Bouchard of the Paramount+ series EVIL.Photo: Elizabeth Fisher/CBS ©2021Paramount+ Inc. All Rights Reserved. /

Evil Season 2 served up a doozy for its midseason finale. Good thing, too, since we now have to wait more than a month for the show to return! The latest episode, “C is for Cop,” finally wraps up the LeRoux storyline while simultaneously tackling things like police brutality, white privilege, and our seriously dysfunctional justice system.

Let’s start with the “case of the week.” The episode opens with Officer Jim Turley (Corey Cott) shooting an unarmed Black mother in her car because he sees her reach for a gun. In reality, Ms. Burke was just grabbing her cell phone, but Turley is adamant that he saw a gun. The way it plays out, we, as the viewers, also see a gun to show Turley’s perspective.

Turley tries to use his Catholicism to claim the devil made him do it. A demonic force interfered with his vision, and now the police union representative, Louie Wolff (Wayne Duvall), wants him to plead guilty to temporary insanity. Bishop Marx recruits Ben, David, and Kristen to investigate this case to see if something demonic is afoot.

During their investigation, the team notices a sigil tattoo on Turley’s wrist, leading them to a 4chan thread called Thee Rant, where cops chat about everything work-related. From there, they discover a group of cops calling themselves the Protectors within the NYPD who tattoo the sigil as part of an old superstition, sort of like the cop version of a rabbit’s foot. It relates directly to the popular in-universe police procedural series Justice Served.

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Pictured Wanye Duvall as Louie Wolff of the Paramount+ series EVIL. Photo: Elizabeth Fisher/CBS ©2021Paramount+ Inc. All Rights Reserved. /

Guess who runs Justice Served? The in-universe Dick Wolf, Mick Carr (Fredric Lehne). The Kings are definitely taking aim at Wolf’s multiple cop shows, many of which feature cops who are okay with intimidating witnesses and bending the rules to get justice.

The team questions Mick to learn more about these sigils and question whether his shows glamorize this rogue cop lifestyle and thus perpetuating further police brutality in real life. Mick thinks he’s doing the world and “POCs” a service as he brags that his show has encouraged more non-white folks to become cops and even garnered praise from the NAACP.

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Ultimately, nothing happens to Turley as he’s found innocent by a grand jury, and yet another trigger-happy cop goes free.

But the investigation into Mick Carr has consequences for Ben and David. Many of the NYPD cops moonlight for Mick, and they don’t like him being the subject of an inquiry, so they deliver some old-school intimidation to Ben and David on their way home.

As a white woman (during the scene with Mick, he even buddies up to Kristen and says they need to “stick together”), Kristen comes out unscathed.

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Pictured (L-R) : Kristen Connolly as Mira Byrd and Katja Herbers as Kristen Bouchard of the Paramount+ series EVIL.Photo: Elizabeth Fisher/CBS ©2021Paramount+ Inc. All Rights Reserved. /

Evil Season 2, Episode 6 recap: Kristen gets away with murder

Mira Byrd returns this week to continue the investigation into LeRoux’s death. Since his ex has an alibi, she and her partner, Anya, have started looking into Emily’s new boyfriend, who has a criminal past. Mira thinks Anya might have coerced her boyfriend into killing Orson and mentions to Kristen that they’re hoping to charge both of them.

But then they find out that Emily’s boyfriend has an alibi, too. The investigation continues. To cover her bases, Mira questions Kristen as to where she was that night and searches her kitchen for a serrated blade that matches the murder weapon. Mira doesn’t notice the climbing ax.

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Since Lexis is part of Kristen’s alibi for that night, Kristen subtly asks Lexis to lie about remembering Kristen returning to tuck her into bed that evening. Lexis is willing to do it until she talks to Sheryl, who convinces Lexis to tell the truth, even if it hurts her mother. What on earth is Sheryl’s endgame here? She’s clearly trying to hurt Kristen.

Things get even weirder with Sheryl as she shows Lexis a creepy doll altar she’s set up in Kristen’s office. Eddie the doll supposedly makes things happen if you give him a sacrifice. Sheryl tries to show Lexis, but she gets spooked and runs away.

While Kristen doesn’t feel guilty about killing Orson, I think the idea of what she did causing an innocent person (or potentially two innocent people) to get arrested messes with her head enough that she hallucinates Orson visiting in her yard. Thinking someone is trying to scare her and her girls, Kristen calls Mira to investigate while taking the ax outside, where she has a confrontation with the Orson hallucination.

When Mira and Anya arrive, Anya notices the ax on the ground and its serrated blade. She also says that Lexis could not confirm Kristen’s alibi. Unable to keep the lie any longer, Kristen confesses her guilt to Mira.

Here’s where we get the fantastic parallel to Ben and David’s predicament. While Ben and David, both not white, are being pulled over and harassed by the cops, Kristen’s cop friend tells her she will cover up Kristen’s involvement with LeRoux’s murder. “Some people deserve to die,” Mira says.

Yeah, so Kristen is literally getting away with murder. Can you imagine David or Ben getting that same treatment? And to cap it all off, Mira says she’ll just brush off this late-night call with the force by saying they saw a “Black man” lurking around the yard because no one will question that. Mira’s casual racism (earlier in the episode, she casually mentions 70% of her arrests are Black people) is part of the systematic problem within the police force, especially because she says she considers herself one of the “good” cops.

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Pictured (L-R) : Aasif Mandvi as Ben Shakir of the Paramount+ series EVIL. Photo: Elizabeth Fisher/CBS ©2021Paramount+ Inc. All Rights Reserved. /

Evil Season 2, Episode 6 recap: Ben tries to conquer his dreams

Ben’s storyline in this episode revolves around his nightmares. Abby returns to torment him, so Kristen gives him some advice to use lucid dreams to kill your night terror like she previously did with George.

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We learn that Cas-3 is related to Ben’s past involving an old job regarding genetic testing on children. His work was meant to eliminate childhood diseases, but something went wrong regarding a doctor who forged research, resulting in gene-edited embryos being implanted in women. I wonder if this will all tie back into the RSM fertility clinic? Is Ben partially responsible for kids from that clinic turning out to be evil? We don’t get a full explanation yet, but it’s something to consider!

David appears in Ben’s dream once he turns the tables on Abby, and Ben realizes that might mean David is the person he should consult for help. He asks David how to seek forgiveness if he doesn’t believe in God. David tells him something they taught him during the 12-step program, to ask forgiveness from something bigger than himself, even if it’s something as simple as the post office in town.

So, that’s what Ben does. Despite feeling like an idiot, he goes to the post office and almost immediately runs into a mail carrier there. He apologizes and asks the man to forgive him verbally, which he does. Is that enough to soothe Ben’s mind? I don’t know! Guess we’ll find out.

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Evil Season 2 returns with new episodes on August 29.