Lamb trailer, synopsis, cast, release date, and more

Lamb - Courtesy A24
Lamb - Courtesy A24 /

It’s time for yet another terrifying A24 film! This time the subject is lambs and sheep in the aptly titled Lamb. If there is one thing you should always be wary of when it comes to A24 it’s farm animals. In the upcoming movie, set in rural Iceland, a childless couple is shocked when they discover a newborn, unlike anything they’ve ever seen before.

Yesterday the studio released the official trailer which shows that the unnatural child looks human but has a lamb head. Since they cannot have their own child, Maria and Ingvar decide to raise the baby for their own, but sinister forces are unwilling to let the couple be at peace with their new girl Ada.

The trailer doesn’t have much dialogue and the dialogue we do see is spoken in Icelandic with subtitles going along with it. Based on what we were shown, I’m assuming the film will be more atmospheric than speech-heavy. It also looks like one of the antagonistic forces might be the baby’s mother, an angry ewe who wants her child returned to her.

Regardless of the story, the movie looks gorgeous, which isn’t surprising since they did film on location at an abandoned farm in Hörgárdalur, located in the north of Iceland, 45 minutes away from the nearest village.

Lamb poster – Courtesy A24 /

Lamb synopsis

"In the isolated depths of rural Iceland, a childless couple, Maria and Ingvar, make an alarming discovery one day in their sheep barn: a newborn unlike anything they’ve seen before. They decide to raise the girl, Ada, as their own, but sinister forces — including one very pissed-off ewe — seem determined to return Ada to the wilderness that birthed her. The masterful and terrifying debut feature from director Valdimar Jóhannsson, Lamb excavates primal fears—of parenting, loss, and the vast and merciless wild—in a dark and unnatural folktale for the ages."

Lamb release date

The film already made its official debut at Cannes earlier this month but it will be released to general audiences this fall on October 8. Currently, it looks like the movie is slated for a theatrical release but it will likely come to VOD services within a few weeks of its debut.

Lamb cast

Noomi Rapace stars as Maria alongside co-star Hilmir Snær Guðnason, who plays her husband Ingvar. The film also stars Björn Hlynur Haraldsson.

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What did you think about the trailer for Lamb? Do you plan on seeing the film when it releases? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

Lamb releases in theaters on October 8, 2021.