We Are Not Alone: Show Off Your Extra-Terrestrial Love With Teepublic

The US government declassified documents revealing they don’t believe we’re alone in the universe. If you’re hyped about UFOs, check out Teepublic.

The US government recently declassified documents that confirmed what many of us had thought or speculated for years.

We aren’t alone in the universe. Something else is out there. Whether they come in peace or not is yet to be determined.

But in the meantime, if you’re excited about the idea of a UFO being a real thing, then you should check out Teepublic.

Of course Teepublic has plenty of t-shirts, but did you know they offer a plethora of other items? Sure, you can get t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts and long sleeve tees, but you can also get magnets, mugs, laptop cases, face coverings, phone cases and even wall art.

Teepublic was kind enough to send me some of their wall art prints to review, and I was really thrilled with the result.

I ordered four 12×12 prints and all four are now framed and displayed in my office. They look great this way – and it was way easier to set them in a frame than dealing with unrolling them and waiting for them to sit flat again.

The colors are vibrant and all four of my prints are exactly what they looked like online – no sloppy edges, smudges, etc.

Of course, if wall prints aren’t your thing, you can rest easy knowing that a shirt from Teepublic is great. I much prefer a softer shirt, so I always select a heather color when I order. At this point I own about 10 t-shirts and they’ve all held up great.

One design did come with a misprint, but customer service could not have been more pleasant to deal with. So really, if you’re interested, you’ve got nothing to lose.

Below, you’ll find some designs we loved. You can check them all out here.

Remember – these designs are available in multiple products and colors.

Nasa Vintage Colors V01 (Designed by Lidra)


I Want To Leave (Designed by RAD)


Get In Loser (Designed by FunnyphskStore)


Alien Face (Designed by AlbertoCubatas)


Alien T-Shirt (Designed by eduely)


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