Slasher Season 4, Episode 3 recap: In Trust

Slasher: Flesh & Blood key art - Courtesy of Shudder
Slasher: Flesh & Blood key art - Courtesy of Shudder /

**SPOILER WARNING** The following article contains spoilers for Slasher Season 4, Episode 3.

This week’s episode of Slasher Season 4 opens with another flashback primarily focusing on Seamus. We find out that Seamus is likely bisexual as he’s seen having sex with a man. Spencer catches him.

Back in the present, the Galloway family grapples with the aftermath of Jayden’s gruesome death as more family secrets come to light. The priority after Jayden’s murder is to find Merle so he can get them off the island in the boat. Christy leads some of the group to track him down. Seamus stays behind to comfort Grace, but she blames him for her son’s death, “My son is dead because of you.”

It doesn’t take long for the group to realize Merle is missing, although they don’t realize he’s dead because someone has stowed his body out of sight in the shed’s rafters. Further limiting their resources is the destroyed satellite phone, meaning the family is stranded on the island. Dr. Trinh claims the game must continue, no matter what. Even if they leave the island, the competition will continue, and whoever leaves will lose the chance to win the inheritance.

Class divisions and racial divides are at the forefront of this episode, especially as Florence and Seamus make it clear they will do anything to protect their own. Sick of Dr. Trinh and the fact she’s an outsider meddling in her family’s affairs, Florence channels her inner Lizzie Borden and chases the good doctor through the woods with a hatchet.

Terrified, Dr. Trinh runs up the stairs next to the wood chipper to escape from Florence, promising to go to the police the second they leave the island. Florence drops the pretense, pretending the whole thing was a joke. But the second Dr. Trinh relaxes, Florence launches a piece of wood at her, knocking the doctor into the wood chipper. As if we didn’t already know Florence was pure evil! She flips the switch and murders Dr. Trinh. “Killer instinct, Daddy? F**k you for ever doubting me.”

Later, the group notices the purveyor of their competition has vanished. They go looking for her in the woods. Liv gets separated from the rest. Finding her alone in the dark, Vincent tries to make a move on his cousin. She rejects him. Does anyone else think this dude is not the real Vincent?

Theo and Birgit stumble upon Dr. Trinh’s bloody remains and assume the killer got to her, too. But the game must continue. A video from Spencer alerts everyone to the next challenge. Even though Liv is still M.I.A., the family descends to the basement for task number two.

This time, each competitor must cross an electrocuted floor by jumping from cube to cube. If they fall on the floor, they’ll be electrocuted and must return to the beginning and restart. The last one to make it across is the loser. Seamus fails to make it.

Slasher Season 4, Episode 3 recap: Who is Liv’s birth father?

If you thought Spencer was Liv’s father, think again! Flashbacks reveal that Seamus and Birgit slept together. Seamus is Liv’s biological dad. Trying to prove that he’s not gay to his dad, Seamus sleeps with Birgit. Spencer watches it happen through a secret peephole in the bedroom wall.

He berates Seamus for banging Birgit, especially without a condom. But really, Spencer is showing his classism as he is disgusted that his son would have sex with (and potentially conceive a child with) the help. Seamus later gives Birgit money to “take care” of the baby. Obviously, she doesn’t.

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What’s even worse about all of this is that Seamus knew Liv was his daughter. Despite the fact she lived in his house for years, he never told her or tried to connect with her at all. Christy is horrified that he hid this secret from her all this time, especially why they were trying to have children!

After losing the second game, Seamus assumes Christy will leave him when they get off the island. She’s shocked he would think so little of her.

O’Keefe comes to Christy’s room to offer support. Christy opens up to them about her relationship with Seamus, who uses the same peephole Spencer used years ago to listen to their conversation. Christy admits that she is hopelessly in love with Seamus and wishes he understood how much.

Shortly after, they leave the room. Seamus continues watching as the Gentleman appears and starts poking around. Somehow, the killer knows Seamus is spying and stabs him through the hole in the wall, straight through the eye and out the other side! Well, at least Seamus’s final moments were relatively happy?

Slasher Season 4, Episode 2 recap: Birgit and Grace unite

In the flashbacks, Birgit was firmly on the Galloway family’s side. She helps Seamus poison Grace’s food during a family dinner to make her sick. While retching in the kitchen, a younger Seamus ridiculed Grace for her upbringing.

Present-day Birgit apologizes to Grace, and they bond over the fact they’re two of the only non-white people on this island, and they’ve been ostracized for years because of their race and that they didn’t come from money.

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Forming something of an alliance, Birgit and Grace set their sights on Florence, who they believe is behind Jayden’s murder. They corner her in the kitchen, bolting the door behind them. What results is a crazy fight involving lots of stabbing and kitchen utensils between all three women.

Florence admits that she wouldn’t care if someone killed Liv or Jayden and would even “tip them on her way up,” but that she would also not even get close enough to their kids to scratch them. Ugh, she’s vile.

While Grace and Birgit don’t manage to kill Florence before the rest of the family busts down the door and breaks up the scrap, Grace does bite off one of her fingers, which is a big deal since Florence considers herself an artist.

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