Shudder in September: From Carrie to Superhost

Gracie Gillam as Rebecca-Superhost_Photo Credit: Shudder
Gracie Gillam as Rebecca-Superhost_Photo Credit: Shudder /
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– Creepshow _ Season 3, Episode 6 – Photo Credit: Richard Ducree/Shudder
– Creepshow _ Season 3, Episode 6 – Photo Credit: Richard Ducree/Shudder /

September 9:

Martyrs Lane (Shudder Original/Exclusive), also available on Shudder CA, UKI and ANZ) – A 10-year-old girl living in an old house with her family wonders why her mother has pulled away from her. As Leah is visited nightly by a strange being, she tries to find answers.

September 13:

Ms .45 – This rape and revenge film tells the story of Thana, a mute woman who turns into a spree killer after being raped twice in one day. The 1981 grindhouse film was directed by Abel Ferrara (Bad Lieutenant), and stars the gorgeous Zoe Lund, who was only 17 years old during the making of Ms .45.

#LIKE – High schooler Rosie is grieving her sister, who was driven to suicide by a man online. When she suspects that he is back online looking for new girls to exploit, Rosie decides to seek her own justice.

September 14:

Woe – After the suicide of their father, Charlie and Betty cope in very different ways. Betty tries to move on to better things by getting married, but Charlie has become more and more isolated while he tries to restore his father’s run-down home. When he starts to see hooded figures in the house, Charlie does not know if they are real, or a manifestation of his mental state.

The Columnist – In this black comedy thriller, columnist Femke Boot is regularly being trolled online. Pushed to the edge mentally, Femke begins to seek revenge on her online bullies in very deadly ways.

Kriya – After a young DJ hooks up with a beautiful woman, he ends up at her home, and things go south in a hurry. Neel is trapped into performing death rituals on the woman’s dead father.  Worst. Date. Ever.

The House of the Devil – This is one of those love it or hate it films (I loved it). Set in the 1980s, The House of the Devil is about college student Samantha, who takes a babysitting job for a very large amount of much-needed cash. When Samantha discovers that she is actually “baby sitting” an elderly woman, she is enticed into staying with even more money, and ends up regretting that decision. You can also watch this one as part of The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs.

September 20:

Hammer House of Horror – In this 1980s British anthology series, the legendary Hammer Films gives us assorted tales ranging from cannibalism to werewolves.

The Devil’s Rain – This 1975 B-film stars William Shatner as Mark, a man determined to defeat the leader of a Satanic cult (played by Ernest Borgnine).

Extraordinary Tales –  I don’t see how this one can go wrong, given the premise; Extraordinary Tales is an animated anthology narrated by the likes of Christopher Lee, Bela Lugosi and Guillermo Del Toro. Making this film even more enticing is the fact that these are all tales written by Edgar Allan Poe.

September 21:

13 Cameras –Newlyweds Ryan and Claire rent a nice little place from a somewhat odd man named Gerald, and they prepare for the birth of their baby. What they don’t know is that creepy Gerald has installed cameras all over the house.

Stitches – In this sweet, heart-warming film, Stitches is a fun, carefree clown who helps a sick child…just kidding. Stitches is actually an evil clown who hunts down the teens that killed him after returning from the dead.

September 23:

Creepshow: Season 3 (Shudder Original series, also available on Shudder CA, UKI and ANZ) – Creepshow is based on the classic 1982 anthology film originally created by George A. Romero and Stephen King, and returns for its third season. Sometimes scary, sometimes darkly funny, this series always entertains.

September 27:

Phantasm – Young Mike, along with his brother Jody and their friend Reggie seeks to defeat the town mortician (Angus Scrimm) when he finds out the “Tall Man” is killing, then reanimating people. Helpful Hint: avoid the shiny flying spheres at all costs!

Phantasm III – Reggie and Mike return to search for the Tall Man, finding that he has destroyed multiple towns, leaving only his zombies behind. Along the road, our heroes are joined by others who also seek the Tall Man in hopes of revenge.

Phantasm IV – Starting up where Phantasm III left off, Mike travels through time to flee the Tall Man, while also seeking answers. Reggie battles the undead and the deadly spheres in his search for Mike.

Phantasm: Ravager – In the final film of the series, Reggie is still determined to stop the evil Tall Man and his equally evil spheres. This time, the fight rages across an alien planet, through different timelines and realities.

September 29:

Seance – (Shudder Exclusive/Original, also available on Shudder CA, UKI and ANZ) – Camille is a new student at Edelvine Academy for Girls, and is invited to join in on a séance. The girls contact the ghost of a former student, and they quickly regret their decision.

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The return of Creepshow, Superhost, (almost) all of the Phantasm films…which September additions are you most looking forward to? Let us know in the comments section!