Strawberry Spring: Stephen King podcast officially debuts today with two episodes

Strawberry Spring logo art - Courtesy of Audio Up
Strawberry Spring logo art - Courtesy of Audio Up /

Stephen King’s literary works officially enter the world of podcasting today as the first two episodes of Strawberry Spring debut via the iHeartRadio app and across all podcast streaming platforms!

AudioUp Media and iHeartMedia present Strawberry Spring, which is based on the short story from King’s 1978 Night Shift collection. This podcast is the first-ever King podcast adaptation. It stars Garrett Hedlund, Ken Marino, Sydney Sweeney, Al Madrigal, Milo Ventimiglia, Herizen F. Guardiola, and Brec Bassinger.

If you’re excited to listen, you can go ahead and tune into the first two episodes of this special inaugural podcast right HERE. Additional episodes will be released every Wednesday. There are eight episodes total.

Strawberry Spring is produced by the critically acclaimed podcast studio and network, Audio Up Media; the No. 1 global podcast by Jared Gutstadt and his publisher, iHeartMedia; written, directed and produced by Emmy Award-winning producer Lee Metzger; and also produced by Philip Alberstat.

Listen to the trailer for the podcast right here:

What is Strawberry Spring about?

An unrelenting, modern-day Jack the Ripper story, this podcast follows an ambitious reporter who hears the name “Springheel Jack” one day while listening to the radio. Hearing the name triggers old memories of a time when he was a student at New Sharon College during the 1960s.

From there, he recalls the first time he heard the name of this bloody serial killer and then decides to go on a hunt for him and do whatever it takes to track down the vicious murderer, even if it means he might not make it out alive.

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Are you excited to listen to Strawberry Spring? Have you read the short story? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

The first two episodes of Strawberry Spring are now available on iHeartRadio and across all other podcasting platforms with new episodes scheduled to drop every Wednesday.