Netflix and Chills creeps back in for Halloween 2021

Netflix and Chills - Courtesy of Netflix
Netflix and Chills - Courtesy of Netflix /
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Prey (L TO R) Roman ( David Kross ), Albert ( Hanno Koffler ), Peter (Robert Finster) Cr. Courtesy of Netflix © 2021 /

Good news: Netflix and Chills has returned to horrify and delight us with two months’ worth of creepy, crawly films and series to watch this Halloween season.

Netflix always steps up the amount of horror on their platform during this time of year, and there are plenty of choices. Let’s dig in into the 2021 Netflix and Chills schedule!

Here’s the complete plan for Netflix and Chills 2021

September 8:

Into the Night: Season 2 – At the close of season 1, the flight 21 passengers found a Soviet military bunker to hide out in from the sun. Their sense of relief is shortened when some of their food supply is compromised, and they hit the road again in order to survive.

September 10:

Lucifer  – In this final season, Lucifer has become God (almost), but he finds that things are more or less falling apart without a real God. What can he do to turn things around?

Prey – Roman and his friends celebrate his upcoming wedding by taking a hiking trip. When they hear gunshots, they naturally assume it’s a hunter; but, this shooter isn’t hunting animals, and the group finds themselves evading an unknown gunman.


September 15:

Nightbooks – Alex is a boy who loves scary stories, but finds that he is living in one when he is abducted by a witch and held captive in her apartment. In order to survive, Alex must tell a scary story every night. This one is produced by Sam Raimi, so I’m in!

September 16:

Jaws – It’s always the right season for this classic film, which pits a sheriff, a bounty hunter and an oceanographer against a giant, bloodthirsty shark.

Jaws 2 – Three years after Jaws became a summer blockbuster, Sheriff Brody’s town is again menaced by a shark.

Jaws 3 – Two of Brody’s sons fight yet another shark, this time at SeaWorld in Florida.

Jaws: The Revenge – With Brody now gone, his widow Ellen is left to battle a revenge-seeking shark with the help of Louis Gossett Jr. and Michael Caine.

September 17:

Squid Game (series) – 456 people receive invitations to join in on a mysterious game, in the hopes of winning $46 billion. Each game is familiar (think Red Light, Green Light), but if you lose, you lose big. Big as in: you lose your life.