Chapelwaite exclusive sneak peek at this Sunday’s new episode ‘The Promised’

IAN HO in CHAPELWAITE SEASON 1, EPISODE 3 - "Legacy of Madness" -- Courtesy Chris Reardon/EPIX
IAN HO in CHAPELWAITE SEASON 1, EPISODE 3 - "Legacy of Madness" -- Courtesy Chris Reardon/EPIX /

Ahead of this Sunday’s new episode of Chapelwaite, we have an exclusive new clip to share with all of 1428 Elm‘s readers and fans of the series! Chapelwaite Episode 4, titled “The Promised,” will debut in its new timeslot of 9:00 p.m. EST on EPIX this Sunday, September 19. Before watching it, check out this sneak peek from the upcoming installment.

The previous episode of Chapelwaite was a rough, dour hour for the entire Boone family and the residents of Preacher’s Corners. Driven to the brink of insanity by his visions of “blood calls blood,” and the grand reveal that Stephen Boone is not in his coffin where he should be, Charles (Adrien Brody)  starts to lose it at home, much to the terror of his family and governess Rebecca (Emily Hampshire).

By the end of the episode, Charles has taken an ax to the wall after becoming convinced rats are scurrying inside despite multiple people telling him that there are not. In the skirmish, he almost kills his own daughter, Loa (Sirena Gulamgaus), making Charles realize he probably needs medical treatment.

This Sunday, Chapelwaite Episode 4, titled “The Promised,” Charles prepares to commit himself to an asylum. But then Tane finds something disturbing in the barn that might help reveal some of the family’s secrets and those of Chapelwaite. Meanwhile, a creepy group of Acolytes arrives to deliver a sinister message.

Chapelwaite stars Adrien Brody, Emily Hampshire, Jennifer Ens, Sirena Gulamgus, Ian Ho and Eric Peterson.

Chapelwaite Episode 4 exclusive sneak peek

We see Rebecca sneaking through a dark house in the above clip, only to stumble upon Philip Boone!? After realizing he’s attacking Mary (Trina Corkum), she is horrified and runs into the constable outside afterward. Rebecca thinks they thought Stephen was the one attacking the family, but it has really been Philip all along. But here’s a chilling thought, what if it’s both of them?

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Are you looking forward to Chapelwaite Episode 4? What did you think of the exclusive sneak peek clip shared above? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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