Top 5 most gruesome deaths from Slasher: Flesh & Blood, ranked

Nataliya Rodina as Aphra - Slasher _ Season 4, Episode 6 - Photo Credit: Cole Burston/Shudder
Nataliya Rodina as Aphra - Slasher _ Season 4, Episode 6 - Photo Credit: Cole Burston/Shudder /

WARNING: The following article contains SPOILERS from Slasher: Flesh and Blood.

With the entire season of Slasher: Flesh and Blood now available to watch on Shudder, we’re taking a look at the most gruesome deaths from the latest iteration. It’s hard to pick just five because this season was brimming with some truly devastating and gory murders, and not even all of them were committed by The Gentleman killer!

Without further ado, let’s discuss the top five most gruesome kills from Slasher: Flesh and Blood.

Top 5 most gruesome kills from Slasher: Flesh and Blood

Runner-up: Birgit getting buried alive in the sand

Birgit’s death might not be the most graphic or gruesome of the season, but it was still hard to watch, especially if you’re someone (like me) who is claustrophobic or fears being buried alive.

5. The Gentleman carves into Aphra

Aphra definitely deserved the vicious death she got, but it was still pretty gnarly and gross to watch The Gentleman tie her up between the tree trunks and slowly saw her body in half.

4. Theo saws Vincent’s skull in half

Similar to Aphra, but even more vicious, Theo literally saws his brother’s skull in half through the mouth with a wire saw. When we chatted with the cast in a post-mortem interview, they discussed the epic fight between the brothers. Apparently, the fight was just as crazy in real life as it looked on camera, with the two actors giving it their all.

3. Aphra chows down on Christy’s face

Vincent’s death might have been a bit more graphic. Still, I felt like this one trumped it because it was so devastating to see arguably the sweetest character get ripped apart and cannibalized by someone she thought was her daughter up until just a few minutes before!

Not only does Aphra savage her face, but she even chews off several of Christy’s fingers, and the show could have left it there, but they showed us the full extent of the damage Aphra did by having Christy return to the house and beg for her death which Grace obliged.

2. O’Keefe suffocates while Florence watches

This death actually made me cry because O’Keefe really was one of the best people on the island. We never saw them do anything bad to anyone. And for the most part, they seemed totally out of the loop and not even involved in the worst of their family’s atrocities.

Plus, we know they had a girlfriend somewhere waiting for them. The worst part is that O’Keefe believes that their mother will save them, so the entire time they’re dying, gasping for air, and being poisoned by the gas, they’re pleading with Florence to save them.

O’Keefe’s death was enough to finally turn Vincent and Theo against Florence and throw her to the wolves.

1. Jayden’s Saw-like ending

In his flashback, Jayden’s death was hinted at as Spencer mentions he would be “pulled apart” if he became part of the family business. It was hard to decide between his death and O’Keefe’s, to the point I almost labeled them a tie, but I felt Jayden’s death should go in the first place because he was the first significant character to die (sorry, Merle).

And it was such an intense death for only the second episode of the season, not to mention his mom having to watch it happen and being helpless to stop it. This death and O’Keefe’s had a lot in common since they were both devastating and emotional. It was hard watching all of the characters striving to save Jayden (especially Grace!) and being helpless to stop it.

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Which death from Slasher: Flesh and Blood did you think was the most gruesome? Do you agree with our ranking? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

All of Slasher: Flesh and Blood is now streaming on Netflix.