Shudder has an awesome October in store

Shudder 61 Days of Halloween key art - Courtesy of Shudder
Shudder 61 Days of Halloween key art - Courtesy of Shudder /
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Autopsy of Jane Doe – Courtesy of Shudder PR /

October 4:

Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum (Also available in CA) –In this South Korean found footage movie, the cast and crew of a web series visits an abandoned asylum, promising to broadcast their exploration live. Old asylum, young people…what could go wrong?

The Endless (Also available on Shudder CA) – Two brothers managed to escape a death cult as children. Now adults, they are drawn back after an old videotape is found.

Night of the Demons (Also available on Shudder CA, Shudder UKI and Shudder ANZ) – A group of high school students plan a Halloween party in a funeral parlor. As if that doesn’t tempt fate quite enough, they also hold a séance, which calls forth some demons.

Witchboard (Also available in CA, UKI and ANZ) – Tawny Kitaen plays with an Ouija board and a slaying spree results. Can she stop the evil being before she becomes possessed?

October 5:

The Mutilator (Also available in CA and UKI) – Oh, 80s college students, will you never learn? A group of students on fall break visit an island beach house, only to find themselves hunted, and many of them are killed with various and unusual weapons.

October 11:

Nosferatu, The Vampyre (Also available on Shudder CA) – In this 1979 remake of the original 1922 classic, we are treated to what is basically the story of Dracula.

Nosferatu in Venice (Also available in CA) – A Professor goes to Venice in search of the infamous vampire Nosferatu.

Possum (Also available in CA) – Philip is a children’s puppeteer who returns to his family home to destroy a horrific-looking puppet that he hid as a child. Instead, he must confront his evil stepfather and his horrible past.

Wake Wood (Also available in CA) – When veterinarian Patrick and his wife Louise lose their daughter Alice in a dog attack, they relocate to Wakewood. After a local resident claims to be able to bring Alice back to life, they accept. Spoiler alert: it doesn’t work out the way they had hoped.

October 12:

House (Also available on Shudder CA and UKI) – In this 1986 horror-comedy classic, William Katt is Roger, a horror writer who moves into his aunt’s house after her death. He just wants to write and not to think about his little boy’s disappearance. Then things get crazy.

House II: The Second Story (Also available in CA and UKI) – In this unrelated sequel, Jesse moves into the old family mansion, and ends up digging up his great grandfather’s corpse. You know, just a normal thing to do when you are bored on a Saturday night.

The Autopsy Of Jane Doe – OK, I am a lifelong horror nerd, and it takes a lot to scare me. This film did. Father and son coroners perform an autopsy on the corpse of an unknown young woman. But, things just aren’t adding up, as the body shows signs that she died recently, while other signs point in the opposite direction.