Shudder has an awesome October in store

Shudder 61 Days of Halloween key art - Courtesy of Shudder
Shudder 61 Days of Halloween key art - Courtesy of Shudder /
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Children of the Corn. Image Courtesy Arrow Video Channel /

October 18:

Pulse (Also available in CA and UKI) – In this Japanese horror flick, Taguchi hangs himself, and his friends later see his ghostly image on the internet. It just gets stranger and more mysterious from there.

Children of the Corn (Also available on Shudder CA and UKI) – In this 1984 Stephen King adaptation, a couple are driving through Nebraska, when it appears they hit a boy with their car. They end up finding a town that has been taken over by kids, led by the creepiest kid preacher ever. Oh, yeah, and they worship “He who walks behind the rows.”

Blood and Black Lace (Also available in UKI) – A model is murdered by a masked man, and the workers at a fashion house are the next targets.

October 25:

The Addiction (Also available in CA and UKI) – Lili Taylor is Kathleen, a grad student who is bitten by a vampire. As her personality changes, she tries to come to terms with the changes, and another vampire (Christopher Walken) tries to help her overcome her addiction to blood.

Just Before Dawn (Also available in CA and UKI) – This 1981 slasher is set in backwoods Oregon, where five friends travel to check out an inherited property. Of course, a machete-wielding maniac begins to slaughter them.

Rituals – Five doctors take a camping trip in the mountains, only to find out that they are being hunted by a killer. (Have you noticed it’s always five people on these ill-fated trips)?

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