Celebrate spooky season with creepy new true crime podcasts from Spotify/Parcast

Parcast: Revelations - Courtesy of Spotify/Parcast
Parcast: Revelations - Courtesy of Spotify/Parcast /

It’s the spooky season, and that means you’re probably looking for new and exciting things to listen to while you work, exercise or just relax! If you enjoy scary podcasts or true crime podcasts, then you’ll be interested to learn that Spotify and Parcast are launching three new series this Halloween month.

New true crime podcasts to celebrate the Halloween season

The three series, Revelations, Sinister Societies and Mediums, explore a mixture of topics, including liaisons with the dead, doomsday cults, and history’s deadliest societies.


Created in partnership with Blumhouse Television and Vespucci, Revelations is a Spotify Original podcast from Parcast. This podcast investigates the doomsday cult and elite spiritual organization “The Fellowship of Friends,” led by founder Robert Earl Burton, known as “The Teacher.”

Burton prophesized that his lavish worldwide headquarters Apollo would be the last remaining outpost after a global nuclear holocaust. Later, several former members sued Burton over allegations of sexual abuse, specifically toward young men.

Investigative journalist Jennings Brown (host of The Gateway) met with the fellowship in 2018 and interviewed several ex-members, never heard before. In the trailer for the series, you can listen to Jennings introduce himself from the secretive compound, where he speaks to a member who believes the end is nigh based on the founder’s predictions.

The trailer discusses how Jennings’ original intention was to see what the group was like on the precipice of an apocalypse but soon developed into more. Details of the alleged abuse by Burton come from multiple interviewees, “The fellowship’s opulence is a veil for cruelty.”

Revelations premieres Sunday, Oct. 3 on Spotify.

Parcast: Mediums – Courtesy of Spotify/Parcast
Parcast: Mediums – Courtesy of Spotify/Parcast /


Have you ever wondered how the phenomenon of psychics and mediums started? Mediums will explore how spiritualism became wildly popular in the 19th century along with the gender dichotomy as mediumship has long been a profession driven by women yet heavily scrutinized the most by men of science.

Every culture grapples with the question of what happens after we die, and Mediums will dive deep into the spirit world to take listeners on a guided tour through the spiritual movement. Were these mediums frauds, capitalizing on their client’s grief? Or did they tap into something genuine?

Host Shelby Scott (host of Scare You to Sleep) will explore the movement that started feuds and blurred the line between the living and the dead. Learn about the fascinating legacy and era of mysteries and lies. Then enjoy the Halloween séance!

Mediums premieres Wednesday, Oct. 6 on Spotify.

Sinister Societies

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Parcast: Sinister Societies – Courtesy of Spotify/Parcast /

If you’re familiar with the popular true crime podcast RedHanded—where hosts Hannah Maguire and Suruthi Bala explore all things creepy, including serial killers, bizarre mysteries, urban legends and more—then you’ll want to bookmark Sinister Societies.

Maguire and Bala re-team for this deep dive into infamous cults and secret societies, ranging from the new world order to the second coming. The duo will analyze each group’s practices, doctrines, rituals, and the goals of history’s most nefarious groups.

Sinister Societies premieres Tuesday, Oct. 19 on Spotify.

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Which of these three new true crime podcasts from Spotify and Parcast are you most interested in listening to? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.