There’s Someone Inside Your House ending explained, plus our chat with the killer!

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Who is the killer in There’s Someone Inside Your House? What happens at the end of the movie? Who survives, and which characters are killed?

SPOILER WARNING: As you might expect from the title of this article and the introduction, there are massive spoilers below for the events of the new Netflix film. Watch the movie first before going any further.  

Netflix just released a new teen slasher film based on the book of the same name written by Stephanie Perkins. The movie stars Sydney Park, Théodore Pellerin, Asjha Cooper, Dale Whibley, Jesse LaTourette and Diego Josef. Patrick Brice of Creep fame directed and Shazam! writer Henry Gayden adapted the screenplay from Perkins’s book.

Who is the killer in There’s Someone Inside Your House?

During the final showdown in the cornfield, we find out that the killer is Zach Sanford. His final victim is his father. Zach’s entire reason for killing all those people was because he became sick of people in town hiding who they really are.

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He thinks everyone is wearing a mask and keeping secrets, hence his mask gimmick. Essentially, Zach went after anyone that reminded him of his dad’s hypocrisy. He intended to murder Makani, too, and pin all of the murders on her.

1428 Elm chats with the killer himself!

Dale Whibley, who portrays Zach in the film, chatted with 1428 Elm about his reaction to finding out he would be playing the killer in the movie and the details on that crazy ending showdown in the cornfield.

"Dale Whibley: It was mind-blowing because when I first read Zach it wasn’t technically revealed to me that he was the killer. So later when we had our director sessions and Patrick let me in on the script I was like, “really?!” Like this is big stuff. It was exciting for me because, a lot of my career I’ve played, sometimes fluffier characters. So it was nice to have a character I could sink my teeth into and really put the work in and Sydney [Park] was the best scene partner I could ever ask for, she was so giving. It was a great experience, it was really nice."

There’s Someone Inside Your House ending: Does Ollie survive? Who dies?

Zach stabs Ollie, but luckily, Ollie survives and manages to get his taser working in time to save Makani. Overall, Zach’s kill count was four, including his father, Katie, Jackson and Rodrigo. Then Makani stabs Zach to death before he can kill her.

There’s Someone Inside Your House ending: What happens to all of the characters

During the graduation ceremony, Makani reads one of her poems to the student body, and her speech plays as an overture to the final montage that shows what happens to all of the characters. Ollie recovers and takes Makani to prom. Caleb gets a full athletic scholarship to Colorado State University. Alex gets accepted into the Manhattan School of Music, and Darby prepares to start their fellowship at NASA.

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There’s Someone Inside Your House is now streaming exclusively on Netflix