Experience Terror on Tubi this Halloween (for free)

Terror on Tubi - Courtesy of Tubi TV
Terror on Tubi - Courtesy of Tubi TV /

If you love films, but your streaming budget can’t take another hit, Tubi might just be your new best friend. The Fox Entertainment-owned streaming service offers uncut movies of every genre, and you can watch them for free.

You read that right: Tubi is absolutely free. The only fly in the ointment is that you do have to sit through commercials (and you can’t fast forward through them), but it’s worth it to me personally. The films are not edited for content or running time, so you aren’t seeing a “watered down” version.

All of the big streamers have special Halloween collections for October; Shudder is giving us 61 Days of Halloween, we can partake of Huluween or Netflix and Chills, and now we can experience Terror on Tubi.

Tubi is offering hundreds of films consisting of horror and paranormal content (in addition to the vast number of non-horror items available on the service). But that’s not all, Tubi is also adding four originals throughout October.

Famously Haunted: Amityville – Courtesy of Tubi TV /

Meet, Marry, Murder (October 6) – A 13 episode series about murder victims who were done in by their partners, which will be hosted by Michelle Trachtenburg (you know her from Gossip Girl, but she will always be Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s sister Dawn to me).

Harland Manor (October 29) – A group of paranormal investigators set out to explore the notoriously haunted Harland Manor, and find out that the ghosts are hunting them.

Famously Haunted: Amityville (October 15) – We all know the story of the horrors that took place in the home in Amityville, right? This Tubi Original takes a closer look at the story of Ronnie Defeo, who murdered 6 members of his family, and the resulting “haunting.”

Celebrity Exorcism (October 22) – Celebrities Jodi Sweetin (Full House), NBA All-Star Metta World Peace and Shar Jackson (Moesha) attend a paranormal boot camp, intended to prepare them for a scary challenge: exorcising a well-known haunted location.

After a quick scroll through the current horror selections on Tubi, I am more than happy to also recommend the following films, which are among my favorites:

Butterfly Kisses – A low budget found footage masterpiece, this film introduces us to Peeping Tom A/K/A Blink Man, an urban legend who is said to appear at the end of the Ilchester Tunnel. Each time you blink, he gets closer to you, with his long lashes causing you to blink one final time before you die.

Tubi /

Train to Busan – This Korean flick is at the top of my list for favorite zombie films. A father and daughter team up with some other pretty great characters who are trying to stay alive during the beginning phases of the Zombie Apocalypse. It’s fast-paced, super bloody and also very emotional.

Identity – A group of strangers end up at a creepy hotel during a serious storm, and find themselves stalked by a killer who is most likely one of them. Starring John Cusack, Ray Liotta and Pruitt Taylor Vince, I have never understand why this film isn’t better known among horror fans.

The Descent – A group of female friends team up for a daring spelunking adventure in a cave, which, as it turns out, has not been mapped. After getting trapped deep underground, the women must now evade strange, mutant creatures.

The Fog (1980) – What’s not to love about an 80s horror flick that features Jamie Leigh Curtis, Adrienne Barbeau, Tom Atkins and Janet Leigh? Antonio Bay’s 100th anniversary is about to get deadly, as the ghostly inhabitants of the clipper ship the Elizabeth Dane drift into town in a mysterious fog, seeking revenge.

That is just an extremely small sampling of the horror film offerings you will find, with even more being added during October. So, get your Halloween on with Tubi!

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Do you watch horror films on Tubi? If so, which are your favorites? We want to hear all about it, so list them in the comments section.