American Horror Stories Season 2 is not coming in November 2021

What’s better than having a long-running horror anthology airing every year (and guaranteed for at least three more seasons)? How about two? Earlier this year, the American Horror Story spinoff series American Horror Stories debuted via FX on Hulu. While reviews were mixed, diehard fans of the series were just happy to get more content from the terrifying universe.

Early on in the show’s first season, FX officially revealed that it was renewed for another season. But you’ll have to wait a while to watch it since American Horror Stories Season 2 is not coming out in November 2021.

Part of the appeal of this new show is that it expands the already massive American Horror Story universe by introducing new characters and resisting old locations (such as the infamous Murder House). It also opens the door for one-offs or spotlight episodes on random side characters and cameos from old characters, like Ben Harmon (Dylan McDermott) who popped up in one episode after not being seen since the show’s eighth season.

It seemed like the new show would inevitably be a hit considering how popular the flagship series is and that prediction came true when FX revealed that American Horror Stories was one of its most-watched premieres.

When is American Horror Stories Season 2 coming out?

As far as we know, filming hasn’t even started yet on the show’s sophomore season so it’s hard to guess exactly when we’ll see the first promo or get a release date window. Most likely, the show will come out sometime in the second half of 2022, although it could potentially be delayed to 2023. For now, there is no reason to think the series won’t return next year.

Who would you like to see return for American Horror Stories Season 2? Do you want the show to return to past locations like Briarcliff Manor?