How many episodes of Yellowjackets Season 1 will there be?

Christina Ricci as Misty in YELLOWJACKETS, "Pilot". Photo credit: Paul Sarkis/SHOWTIME.
Christina Ricci as Misty in YELLOWJACKETS, "Pilot". Photo credit: Paul Sarkis/SHOWTIME. /

Yellowjackets kicked off a week early on Showtime, and fans are already hooked. But how many episodes will the story last for its first season?

This new survival thriller is great and it’s kind of unfortunate that we have to wait week-to-week for new episodes, but hey, it’ll be a fun show to come up with theories for, that’s for sure! If you haven’t watched the premiere yet, it’s completely free to watch right now! It’s out one week early since the show will actually debut linearly next week on Sunday, November 14.

But how many episodes will there be in the show’s first season?

Yellowjackets Season 1 episode count

The first season of Yellowjackets will consist of ten episodes in total. Even though the first episode is out early, it hasn’t actually debuted officially yet on the cable channel so we won’t get a “new” episode until November 21.

The following schedule comes from Futon Critic so keep in mind that it might not be 100% accurate and the schedule of airing could always change. I’m adding the official premiere since, even though it’s out now, it hasn’t “officially” premiered yet.

  • November 14: Episode 1, “Pilot”
  • November 21: Episode 2, “Heart-Shaped Black Box”
  • November 28: Episode 3, “Welcome to the Dollhouse”
  • December 5: Episode 4, TBA
  • December 12: Episode 5, TBA
  • December 19: Episode 6, TBA
  • December 26: Episode 7, TBA
  • January 2: Episode 8, TBA
  • January 9: Episode 9, TBA
  • January 16: Episode 10, TBA (finale)

Since Showtime released the first episode over a week early, it is also possible that the cabler could later decide to upload additional episodes ahead of their linear debut, but it’s too early to predict whether they will or not right now. I wouldn’t be surprised if episodes scheduled for holiday weeks (Thanksgiving/Christmas/New Year’s) were added early so people with plans can watch ahead of time.

New episodes of Yellowjackets air Sunday nights at 10:00 p.m. ET/PT following new episodes of Dexter: New Blood.

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