What happened to the Scorn game? When will it come out?

Scorn game screenshot - Courtesy of Ebb Software
Scorn game screenshot - Courtesy of Ebb Software /

Back in 2016, an announcement for the terrifying yet unique and atmospheric Scorn game with biomechanical elements inspired by Swedish surrealist H.H. Giger materialized from Ebb Software. The game was supposed to be released in two parts (to negate the need for DLC or added expansions), with the first part slated for a 2017 release. That never came to fruition.

Instead, Ebb Software launched a successful Kickstarter campaign that accumulated more than $223,000, and new plans were made to release the Scorn game by 2018, which, again, didn’t occur. From there, the release date was pushed to fall 2021, but the most recent update on the FPS horror game has further delayed the game to 2022.

The team released a combative update via Kickstarter on November 5 that didn’t sit right with fans, noting that backers could “ask for a refund and be done with it” if they were (rightfully) upset about the lack of communication.

Studio CEO Ljubomir Peklar did apologize for the hostility the next day, but many are still concerned with the game’s status. So what’s the deal?

What is the story behind Scorn?

Scorn is supposed to be a nightmare experience that places players in an atmospheric, gore-splattered universe where nothing is explained to you at face value, meaning everything is exploration-based as there are no on-screen prompts or tutorials.

Instead, you’ll be tasked with looking at every inch of the world on your own with no idea what to expect around every corner. Every location has a unique theme and story with different characters, weapons and interactions. Supposedly, there aren’t any cutscenes, and the world is immersive and integrated enough not to need them.

You can check out some of the gameplay footage below, although keep in mind this was released in October 2020.

Will the Scorn game ever come out?

It sure doesn’t feel like it on some days, but most likely Scorn will release; it’s just not going to be for a while. Based on the explanation given by the recent updates, it sounds like the team (who have not made a game of this scale before) might have bitten off more than they could chew. Most of the content they teased as early as 2017 was scrapped or completely reworked from the bottom-up, explaining the massive delays and significant changes.

Is the Scorn game an Xbox exclusive?

Yes, Scorn is a Microsoft exclusive, at least for now. Scorn will only be released via Microsoft Windows (through the Microsoft Store or Steam) or Xbox Series X/S.

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