Ragdoll: Behind-the-scenes featurette shows how they made the grotesque Ragdoll

Thalissa Teixeira as DI Emily Baxter - Ragdoll _ Season 1, Episode 1 - Photo Credit: Luke Varley/AMC
Thalissa Teixeira as DI Emily Baxter - Ragdoll _ Season 1, Episode 1 - Photo Credit: Luke Varley/AMC /

Have you watched the Ragdoll premiere yet? This newly released behind-the-scenes featurette shows how they made the grotesque figure come to life in the serial killer thriller. The premiere episode is now streaming exclusively on AMC+, with new episodes releasing on Thursdays.

Based on the first book in the Fawkes & Baxter series by Daniel Cole, Ragdoll is about a trio of detectives tasked with finding the terrifying Ragdoll killer. The story begins with the discovery of a horrifying entity comprising six body parts from six different victims sewn together into the eponymous entity.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, the killer also sends a typed list containing six names, all of whom are set to die soon if the detectives don’t stop the killer in time.

But none of this show would work if the Ragdoll itself wasn’t fittingly disgusting and terrifying. AMC released a fascinating peek at the making of this abomination that you can watch yourself below.

Making of Ragdoll: Behind the scenes of the season 1 premiere

The featurette opens with producer Lizzie Rusbridger discussing how vital the body is to the story since it kicks off the significant investigative strand of the television show. There were countless discussions regarding how much gore we’d see, how much of the Ragdoll would be shown, what it would look like etc.

Created by effects company Millennium FX in Buckinghamshire, U.K. has to go through painstaking details, almost akin to what the fictional killer went through, notes executive producer Lee Morris. Everything from cellulite and nail varnish to tattoos and body hair was considered in the creation of each unique body part, all of which came from someone different.

The new four-minute video also gives us insight into what the cast thought of the creation and their initial reactions to seeing it while filming the scene.

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Episode 1 is now streaming on AMC+ and new episodes release weekly on Thursdays.