How to watch the Yellowjackets series premiere tonight live

(L-R): Liv Hewson as Teen Van and Jasmin Savoy Brown as Teen Taissa in YELLOWJACKETS, “Pilot”. Photo credit: Paul Sarkis/SHOWTIME.
(L-R): Liv Hewson as Teen Van and Jasmin Savoy Brown as Teen Taissa in YELLOWJACKETS, “Pilot”. Photo credit: Paul Sarkis/SHOWTIME. /

Have you ever wondered what Lord of the Flies might have been like if it were about girls instead of boys? Find out in Yellowjackets episode 1. Showtime’s new survival thriller/psychological horror series is one of the best new shows of the year, and you don’t want to miss out on the premiere tonight.

The Yellowjackets soccer team is the pride and joy of their New Jersey high school, so everyone is thrilled when they’re chosen to go to nationals in Seattle. But the team never makes it there as their plane crashes in the northern wilderness, stranding them for 19 months.

Yellowjackets starts in 1996 when the main cast were still teenagers hoping for the best. By the end of the episode, the plane is crashing, and we’ve also met their adult versions in present-day 2021. Whatever happened in the woods has continued to haunt them all ever since, and they’ll do whatever it takes to keep their secrets safe.

Melanie Lynskey, Tawny Cypress, Ella Purnell, Sophie Nélisse, Jasmin Savoy Brown, Sophie Thatcher, Sammi Hanratty, Steven Krueger, Warren Kole, Christina Ricci and Juliette Lewis star.

How to watch Yellowjackets episode 1 live tonight

You usually need Showtime to watch Yellowjackets, but the cable channel has been kind enough to release the Yellowjackets series premiere early and free, so you can actually watch it right now in full on YouTube and on the Showtime website. But you will need to subscribe to Showtime to watch the remainder of the series or to watch linearly tonight if that is what you prefer.

The premium cable service is running a special deal right now where you can get Showtime for $3.99/mo for four months along with a 30-day free trial. You don’t need cable to stream Showtime content, and it is available on all of your favorite devices, including Roku, Android, Apple, Samsung and more.

There are a few other options to get access to Showtime, too. You can get the channel as an add-on through Hulu, Prime Video Channels, Apple TV, Roku, Sling TV, YouTube TV, fubo TV, DIRECT TV Stream and your TV provider (if you have cable).

Watch the first episode free right now. 

Date: Sunday, Nov. 14
Time: 10:00 p.m. ET/PT
Episode: season 1, episode 1, “Pilot”
Channel: Showtime

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