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Betrayal with Daryn Carp - Courtesy Discovery+/ID
Betrayal with Daryn Carp - Courtesy Discovery+/ID /

Daryn Carp always seems busy with one project or another, and true crime followers might be familiar with her Oxygen podcast Martinis and Murder. 1428 Elm spoke with Daryn recently about her new true crime podcast, Betrayal with Daryn Carp.

With her new podcast, Daryn follows cases of love gone wrong in the family and romantic relationships. Each week, a celebrity guest will join her to take a closer look at these cases. Guests will include Nev Schulman of MTV’s Catfish, Natalia Petrzela of the podcast Welcome to Your Fantasy and John Thrasher, co-host of Shaken and Disturbed.

1428 Elm interviews true crime podcast host Daryn Carp

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1428 Elm: Daryn, thanks so much for taking some time out of your very busy life to answer some questions for me. Tell our readers about some of your current projects.

DARYN CARP: Well, I recently launched my true crime podcast with ID and discovery+ called Betrayal with Daryn Carp. New episodes drop every Monday, and every week it covers a different jaw-dropping case of betrayal in all its form. They are mostly cases you’ve never heard of!

It definitely keeps you on your toes. In addition to that, I spun off my original true crime podcast, Martinis and Murder into Shaken and Disturbed. This is a murder or crime every week, while my co-host and I drink a few as we tell the story of what happened.

I also have a weekly show on People TV called Reality Check where I interview the reality stars of our day. I am a reality junkie (more on this later), and I get to watch my favorite tv programs and get paid to interview the stars -it’s lighthearted, dramatic and FUN. And on top of all that, I have been working for Andy Cohen for almost 11 years.

1428 ELM: Given your involvement with Martinis and Murder, I think it’s safe to say that you are a true crime aficionado, correct?

DARYN CARP: I think that is a very safe bet…is this a red flag?

1428 ELM: What was the crime/story that started you on the road to becoming a true crime junkie? For me, it was the true crime magazines my grandparents used to read. I loved them as a kid!

DARYN CARP: True crime magazines! WOW! I was born in 1988, and there were a few crime-laden stories that I remember being utterly gripped by early on in my childhood and adolescence. JonBenet Ramsey FASCINATED me. We were around the same age, I think she was about two years younger than me, and to think that someone could break into the home and kill this poor innocent girl terrified me.

But it also made me question every single detail in that story. I can’t NOT mention OJ Simpson, as I can still remember watching the white Bronco chase in my kitchen with my parents. I also remember hearing about Andrea Yates, which was really the case that got me involved in the mind of a killer, and how and why they think the way they do.

1428 ELM: Tell us about your new podcast, Betrayal with Daryn Carp.

DARYN CARP: Every Monday, a guest co-host and I discuss a different betrayal. Most end in murder, but not all. The best part about the podcast is that a lot of them are cases you’ve never heard of, and we break down all the details in the case to really figure out if that person did it, and if we don’t know, is there a reasonable assumption to be made?

I mentioned that I am a reality junkie and what is more real than true crime? The psychology of WHY plays a huge part in this podcast and I spend a lot of time trying to rationalize something that is the opposite of humane and rational. I learn something new every time and it’s a good way to get the names of the victims into the ether. So many of us remember the killer’s name, but rarely if we ever do we speak in terms of the victims’ voices.

1428 ELM: I had the chance to interview Natalia when the Welcome to Your Fantasy true crime podcast was getting ready to debut, and I know that’s a fascinating story. What other stories and guests will you be featuring on Betrayal?

DARYN CARP: What a great story that was! Everyone knows the Chippendales brand, but did they know how many violent murders and crimes were committed? I certainly did not. But in addition to that, we have stories of a forbidden love affair (mostly because it is considered incest), prison breaks, betrayals by best friends, and one of my favorites is a case that perhaps a pet parrot might be the only evidence to prove who solved the murder. A PET PARROT!

1428 ELM: What are some dream projects you would like to bring to fruition?

DARYN CARP: Since I was a little kid, I have always wanted to be a game show host. I love making people laugh, even at my own expense. The true crime world has really opened my eyes to something I am passionate about like The Innocence Project, which I mention every chance I can get. I have a fun side and a serious side, and any project where I can fully tap into both of those would be ideal for me.

I have always been a curious person who asks question upon question, and the phrase “I don’t know” is one that is truly honest, self-aware and also haunting. I want to know everything and I want the audience to be along for that journey, no matter what.

1428 ELM: Do you have anything coming up in the near future that you are allowed to dish on?

DARYN CARP: Oh, you will see me around. Hopefully, as the world opens up, I will be able to do full live shows again. I will most likely be working at BravoCon come 2022. And, most importantly, fingers crossed for more episodes of Betrayal with Daryn Carp in the future.

Episodes of the true-crime podcast Betrayal with Daryn Carp drop each Monday on Spotify, Apple and other podcast apps.

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