Dexter: New Blood episode 4 preview and release date: When does the next episode come out?

Dexter: New Blood episode 4 is coming soon. Find out exactly when it’s coming out and check out this preview of what’s happening next. Are you caught up on the latest episode of the Dexter revival? Make sure you’ve read 1428 Elm’s recap of episode 3, so you don’t accidentally spoil yourself.

In the most recent episode, Dexter felt the pressure to stay ahead of the investigation as Angela, and the local cops closed in on his property to widen the search for Matt at the behest of his father, Kurt Caldwell. But by the episode’s end, there was an interesting development in the case: Kurt claimed he received a FaceTime call from his son, confirming he is alive and well.

Since we know Matt is dead, and Dexter knows Matt is dead, Dexter realizes that Kurt is lying. Why would he start claiming his son is okay? Dexter will explore that thread in the upcoming episode. Elsewhere, Harrison must deal with the fallout from helping Ethan stand up to school bullies Zack and Scott.

Dexter: New Blood episode 4 release date

Despite the holiday week, the Dexter revival will not be taking a week off, which is excellent news for fans dying to see what happens next. Dexter: New Blood episode 4, titled “H is for Hero,” will premiere in the show’s usual 9:00 p.m. ET/PT timeslot on Sunday, November 28 on Showtime. You will need access to the Showtime channel to watch, either via cable, an app or the website.

Dexter: New Blood episode 4 preview

The fourth episode is titled “H is for Hero” for a good reason since the synopsis says Harrison will do something heroic at Iron Lake High School that earns him recognition from the entire town. What could it be?

Well, in the third episode, Harrison empowered Ethan to stand up for himself against his tormentors. In return, Ethan showed Harrison pages of violent artwork he’s been creating over the years. There is a good chance Ethan will do something drastic, like bring a gun to school, resulting in Harrison having to act fast to keep everyone safe.

The preview for next week’s episode also shows Molly (Jaime Chung), a famous true-crime podcast host meeting with Angela and criticizing her investigation.