27 best horror shows to watch (and 14 shows you should skip)

CHUCKY -- "Give Me Something Good to Eat" Episode 102 -- Pictured: Chucky -- (Photo by: SYFY)
CHUCKY -- "Give Me Something Good to Eat" Episode 102 -- Pictured: Chucky -- (Photo by: SYFY) /
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Horror shows: Penny Dreadful and spinoff

  • Seasons: 4 total
  • Created by: John Logan
  • Starring: Eva Green, Josh Hartnett, Reeve Carney, Timothy Dalton, Rory Kinnear, Billie Piper, Danny Sapani, Harry Treadaway, Helen McCrory, Simon Russell Beale and Patti LuPone
  • Streaming: Showtime

Penny Dreadful is one of my favorite shows of all time, so I’m definitely biased discussing it, but I also genuinely think it’s a fantastic show. The first two seasons are some of the most compelling and beautifully acted TV I’ve ever seen, although the show does lose a lot of its charm in the third season, sadly. I didn’t hate season 3 as much as some fans did, but I will always be bitter about the ending. That said, I still recommend watching the series.

Penny Dreadful was unique in that it featured several public domain characters from 19th-century Victorian gothic fiction, characters like Dorian Gray, Dracula, Abraham Van Helsing, Mina Harker, Victor Frankenstein and his monster, and even Marquis de Sade. The concept of a penny dreadful refers to a type of sensational British publication from the 19th century that was known for its lurid subject matter, something that you’ll encounter tons of throughout the series.

The series begins in London, 1891 when Malcolm Murray and Vanessa Ives hire an American gunman who is more than meets the eye to rescue Malcolm’s daughter from a mysterious creature.

But even though I strongly recommend watching the original show, I’d definitely say you should skip the spin-off, Penny Dreadful: City of Angels, which really retains none of the charms of the original and is related in name only.

Penny Dreadful Verdict: WATCH / Penny Dreadful: City of Angels Verdict: SKIP