Dexter: New Blood episode 6 recap: What is Dexter going to do about Kurt?

Jamie Chung as Molly in DEXTER: NEW BLOOD, “Too Many Tuna Sandwiches”. Photo Credit: Seacia Pavao/SHOWTIME.
Jamie Chung as Molly in DEXTER: NEW BLOOD, “Too Many Tuna Sandwiches”. Photo Credit: Seacia Pavao/SHOWTIME. /

As of Dexter: New Blood episode 6, Dexter’s secret is out, at least to his girlfriend and Iron Lake Police Chief Angela Bishop. We don’t have to wait long to see Angela’s reaction to learning that Jim Lindsay is not a real person: needless to say, she’s pissed.

Dexter manages to smooth the situation over to the best of his ability, but it’s not enough to salvage his relationship, at least, not now. The trust between them is broken and it’s going to take some time before Angela can get over a lie that monumental. But before he can worry about trying to win back his girlfriend, Dexter is more concerned with finding out how Angela learned the truth.

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He sets his sights on Molly, the true crime podcaster who blew through town to dig into Matt Caldwell’s disappearance. Molly strikes Dexter as the type of person who could learn his real identity. She already has at least one podcast episode devoted to Dexter, albeit under the “Bay Harbor Butcher” name, but still. It’s too close for comfort.

Dexter: New Blood episode 6
(L-R): Clancy Brown as Kurt and Jamie Chung as Molly in DEXTER: NEW BLOOD EPISODE 6, “Too Many Tuna Sandwiches”. Photo Credit: Seacia Pavao/SHOWTIME. /

Eager to see what Molly knows, Dexter starts following her through town. He spots her having lunch with Kurt Caldwell at the tavern and cleverly leaves his phone on a charge to record their conversation.

The recording gives Dexter some interesting insight into Kurt, who lures Molly to his abandoned cabin in the woods under the guise of giving her an exclusive interview with Matt. Since Dexter knows Matt is dead, he realizes quickly that Kurt is up to something that probably won’t end well for Molly. He considers letting Kurt kill her since that would take care of at least one of his problems.

At the last second, Dexter changes his mind and intervenes, getting a sneak peek at Kurt’s creepy underground bunker and immediately discerning that Kurt is a serial killer. It’s never a good idea to kill a serial killer’s family member.

The good news is that Molly now has a better impression of Jim/Dexter at least. She’s grateful to him for stepping in before she could become the subject of a podcast episode herself and she’s now more focused than ever on the Caldwells.

Dexter: New Blood episode 6 recap: Kurt continues advising Harrison

But Dexter’s problems with Kurt don’t end there. He’s also interfering with Harrison, as if Dexter doesn’t have enough Harrison problems already. A joint-therapy session proves that if Dexter isn’t willing to go deeper emotionally with his son, he’s going to risk losing him forever. While Harrison appears at least open to discussing some of the most traumatic of his past, Dexter is locked up tight, leaving Harrison to feel abandoned, again.

He seeks comfort in Audrey instead, with the two having sex after Harrison sneaks over to her house in the middle of the night. He also confesses to Audrey that he feels angry all the time and admits to his urges to hurt people. Audrey appears to understand him, but I’m not sure she realizes just how deep those urges go for Harrison.

Dexter: New Blood episode 6
Jack Alcott as Harrison in DEXTER: NEW BLOOD EPISODE 6, “Too Many Tuna Sandwiches”. Photo Credit: Seacia Pavao/SHOWTIME. /

The only other person to really “get” that part of him is Kurt, who encourages Harrison to channel his anger into hurting his opponent during a wrestling match, resulting in Harrison breaking the teenager’s arm. Dexter confronts him after and tells him that Kurt is a bad guy and to stay away from him, but right now, Harrison believes Kurt is the only person who he can depend on. Dexter’s going to need to fix that quick before things get even worse. The last thing Harrison needs is to go to a serial killer for advice, er, well, that particular serial killer anyway.

Dexter: New Blood episode 6 recap: Angela finds Iris’s body

While Dexter is busy dealing with a family crisis, Angela starts her own investigation into Kurt. Since her trip to New York with Molly, Angela has started second-guessing everything Kurt has told her thus far. She backtracks to when he still wanted them to investigate and recalls that it was when she mentioned expanding the search to the caves that Kurt changed his tune.

Angela recruits Teddy to join her in a search. She’s horrified when she finds Iris’s body hidden under rubble deep inside the caves. This time when Angela calls Dexter, she doesn’t care about Jim Lindsay. “I don’t need Jim, I need Dexter Morgan,” the forensic specialist from Miami.

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