Have a very Tubi New Year with new horror streaming in January

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Tubi is the go-to streaming platform when you want to watch great horror, both old and new, for free. For January, they are rolling out some original content in a true crime doc and an original film.

Jan. 14:

Suburban Nightmare: Chris Watts (Tubi Original) – Christopher and Shanann Watts seemed to have the picture perfect family life, complete with two little girls and a baby on the way. That picture was shattered when Shanann and the girls disappeared, and their bodies were found three days later. In this two-hour documentary, Tubi digs into the fascinating true crime and into Chris Watts’s deception and lies.

Jan. 21:

Unborn (Tubi Original) – Rachel should be overjoyed after finding out she is pregnant, but that joy turns to horror when she begins to believe that her unborn baby may have been taken over by the evil spirit of her dead mother.

New horror, thrillers and sci-fi coming to Tubi in January:

American Psycho 2 – In this 2002 sequel to director Mary Harron’s American Psycho, Mila Kunis is a criminology student who will do anything (including commit murder) to secure a spot in the FBI’s training program.

Ghost Ship – Boasting one of the greatest opening scenes in horror movie history, Ghost Ship introduces us to a salvage crew who board a deserted ship in the Bering Sea. When they go on board, they find that the ship is inhabited by ghosts, both good and evil.

The Crazies – Timothy Olyphant headlines this remake of the 1973 film, in which a small town in Iowa is infected by a deadly chemical. When the town’s residents become violent and murderous, it’s up to the town sheriff to save himself and his pregnant wife.

The Exorcist. Image Courtesy Shudder /

The Exorcist – I don’t think it’s really necessary to go too much into a synopsis here; after all, this 1973 horror film is iconic in the genre. Simply put: if you haven’t already seen this fantastic possession film, now is your chance to remedy that.

The Omen – In 2006, this remake of the 1976 original hit theatres. Starring Liev Schreiber and Julia Stiles, it sticks with the original story of an American diplomat stationed in Italy, where his wife gives birth to a stillborn baby. Rather than breaking her heart with the news, he secretly adopts a newborn infant who turns out to be the antichrist.

The Sixth Sense – M. Night Shyamalan’s stellar film with an absolutely amazing twist is one of my all-time favorites. Bruce Willis, the then-11-year-old Haley Joel Osment and Toni Collette all give Oscar-worthy performances as a child psychologist, a boy who “sees dead people” and his concerned mother.

A Crooked Somebody – A shady psychic is kidnapped and forced to contact the kidnapper’s murder victim.

A.I Rising – This sci-fi film examines the intimate relationship between an android and a human.

Don’t Say a Word – Nathan (Michael Douglas) is a psychiatrist whose daughter is kidnapped. The kidnappers’ demand is pretty simple: he must get a young woman suffering from PTSD to give up the info that will lead to a valuable jewel.

Drive – Ryan Gosling is an unnamed stunt driver moonlighting as a getaway driver. After he grows close to his neighbor (Carey Mulligan) and her little boy, he decides to help her husband, who has just been released from prison. The husband is blackmailed into participating in a heist that turns deadly. I absolutely love this film, it starts out as a rather quiet character study, then suddenly turns very, very violent.

Flash Gordon: Deadly Ray from Mars, Flash Gordon: Perlis from Planet Mongo and Flash Gordon: Spaceship to the Unknown – These three films are installments from the classic Flash Gordon series, which was supposedly the inspiration for Star Wars.

Joy Ride (2001) – If you know the fake names Rusty Nail and Candy Cane, you are most likely familiar with this 2001 horror flick starring Paul Walker, Steve Zahn and Leelee Sobieski. Two brothers on a road trip make the ill advised decision to prank a truck driver via CB radio.

Killer Joe – In this twisty thriller, a dishonest cop (Matthew McConaughey) agrees to kill the evil mother of a drug dealer (Emile Hirsh).

Robocop: Crash & Burn, Robocop: Dark Justice, Robocop: Meltdown, Robocop: Resurrection – These four films comprise the Canadian miniseries. 13 years after the original film, Robocop Murphy is now nearly obsolete. When new enemies emerge, Murphy and his former partner team up to investigate.

The Butterfly Effect – Evan (Ashton Kutcher) has a tendency to blackout during life events. As an adult, he works to bring back his lost memories and discovers a way to alter his life. In doing so, he finds that changing the past can alter the present in negative ways.

The Day the Earth Stood Still – Keanu Reeves stars in this remake of the original 1951 film about an alien and his robot who decide to visit earth.

The Departed – When a criminal (Matt Damon) infiltrates the Boston PD, he reports the goings on to mob bosses. But, a cop (Leonardo DiCaprio) has managed to infiltrate the mob, and both moles must now try to figure out each other’s identities.

The Fly – Be afraid – be very afraid of Jeff Goldblum, who plays an eccentric scientist whose experiment goes horribly awry.

Tubi is an absolutely free, commercial supported streaming platform; you can get on board by visiting their website.

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