When will remaining The Last Drive-In specials air on Shudder?

The Last Drive-In. Image Courtesy Shudder
The Last Drive-In. Image Courtesy Shudder /

As we inch closer to the upcoming fourth season of The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs, fans are starting to speculate about what that season may include, and whether there will be more specials between now and then.

Since season three ended in July, Joe Bob and Darcy have returned with three specials:

Joe Bob’s Halloween Hoedown aired on October 8, featuring the films Angel and Terror Train. A lot of fans were up in arms that neither film was Halloween-related, and that Angel is not even a horror film. As a fan myself, I really enjoyed both films, especially Angel, which I was not at all familiar with.

The Last Drive-In: The Walking Dead paid homage to that iconic series by showing the first two episodes, complete with Joe Bob’s entertaining commentary and special guests Greg Nicotero and Carey Jones. We also got a bonus with the transformation of Darcy into a zombie. TLDI: TWD debuted on 10/21, only two weeks after the Halloween special.

December 17 brought us the return of the annual Christmas special, titled Joe Bob Ruins Christmas. That was likely a deliberate play on words, since Joe Bob doubled down on the haters by presenting two films that were not related to Christmas: Ice Cream Man and ‘Gator Bait. To make up for it, items were auctioned off for some deserving charitable organizations, including the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. In all, more than $150,000 was raised, which surely put The Last Drive-In gang on Santa’s Nice List.

The Last Drive-In
– The Last Drive-in: Joe Bob Ruins Christmas _ Key Art – Photo Credit: Shudder /

Speculation has it that at least two specials remain before season four of The Last Drive-In premiers.

Judging by past years, one of those specials could be presented for Valentine’s Day in February. Last year’s Joe Bob Put a Spell on You debuted on February 21, and featured the delightful Tammy and the T-Rex and The Love Witch.

Although no premier date has been announced for Season 4, if we go by the dates the first three seasons premiered, it’s likely we can look for the first episode in April, or possibly May. This doesn’t leave much time, so I am personally thinking we may get a St. Patrick’s Day special. Joe Bob seems to be trying to avoid any films that obviously tie in to holidays these days, meaning we will probably not be looking at anything as obvious as the Leprechaun films. Then again, JB likes to keep us guessing, so who knows?

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When do you think the remaining specials will air? Give us your best guesses in the comments section.