Tubi digs deeper into sinister suburbia with new Chris Watts documentary

Suburban Nightmare: Chris Watts - Courtesy of Tubi/Art Machine
Suburban Nightmare: Chris Watts - Courtesy of Tubi/Art Machine /

For anyone interested in learning more about the horrific murder of Shannan Watts at the hands of her husband and father of her children Chris Watts, Tubi has a new original documentary that goes deep into the case that riveted America years in 2018. Suburban Nightmare: Chris Watts chronicles the events leading up to the murders with additional insight from the Watts family neighbors, criminal profilers, experts, attorneys, and former investigators.

You can watch a clip from the documentary below, showing the bodycam footage of the moment their neighbors realized something had gone wrong. On August 13, a pregnant Shannan Watts disappeared along with her two daughters, four-year-old Bella and three-year-old Celeste. Watts famously went on television to plead for Shannan’s return.

Suburban Nightmare: Chris Watts chronicles the events leading up to a tragedy

He later confessed to the murder after failing a polygraph test, although initially, Watts claimed that he murdered his wife in retaliation because she had killed their children. No one bought that excuse, and Watts was later charged for murdering his entire family in the first degree, including his unborn child. It was also revealed that Watts had been having an extra-marital affair.

As for Tubi’s two-hour documentary, I’m not sure how much information is new as I have only seen one other documentary on this case, and it was several years ago. But people who don’t know much about the story will find it a well-made film that goes deep into the terrifying truth behind Shannan’s death. It’s a chilling tale all-around, and the truth is that you can never really know what’s going on behind closed doors.

Part of the terror of this particular case is that Shannan was a very active participant on social media. She broadcasted the day-to-day minutiae of her life and cultivated a sizable following. But being so visible in the public eye could not save her. It’s a tragedy all around.

The only good thing is that Watts is behind bars serving several consecutive life sentences.

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Suburban Nightmare: Chris Watts is now streaming for free on Tubi.