Servant refresher: Four things to remember before Servant season 3 starts

Lauren Ambrose and Nell Tiger Free in Servant, premiering January 21, 2022 on Apple TV+.
Lauren Ambrose and Nell Tiger Free in Servant, premiering January 21, 2022 on Apple TV+. /

We’re just a few days away from the Servant season 3 premiere on Apple TV+, so now seems like a good time to revisit the previous season to prepare for what’s ahead. If it has been a while since you watched Servant season 2 and need a quick refresher on some of the critical events that happened toward the end of the season, this article is for you.

Moving into the third season of the M. Night Shyamalan-produced series, we’re looking at a family unit once again as Leanne has brought “Jericho” home. It’s still not entirely clear if the baby is really Jericho or another child altogether, but all Dorothy and Sean care about is that their presumed son is back.

Four things to remember before Servant season 3

Leanne brought Julian back to life.

Toward the end of season 2, Julian overdoses on drugs at a tense dinner party held at the Turner household. At one point, he locks himself in the bathroom and snorts line after line while listening to voicemails from Natalie and then collapses. Kourtney opens the bathroom door, and Julian falls out, seemingly dead.

Despite efforts to resuscitate him, nothing works until Leanne appears, and suddenly Julian wakes up. He looks at Leanne right after, perhaps suspecting it was her who brought him back. It’ll be interesting to see the consequences of this in Servant season 3 and whether or not Julian knows that Leanne saved him.

Aunt Josephine tried to get Leanne back to the cult.

The creepy Aunt Josephine arrives in the season 2 finale to bring the baby back to Dorothy (supposedly) and Leanne back to the cult. She forces Leanne to watch an old tape on the Betamax player of a horrifying ritual that involves being blinded and burned, each step worse than the last. From there, Josephine throws oil into Leanne’s eyes. She rushes downstairs to get a knife. It gets worse as Leanne’s “aunt” starts a fire in the basement and begins to chant.

Before turning Leanne into a crisp, Dorothy rescues her by knocking Josephine out with a shovel. Dorothy’s rescue seems to make Leanne respect her again, as she mentions that Dorothy saved her as if she were her “daughter,” and she tells Dorothy that she can bring Jericho back. I think that renewed connection will be meaningful going into the new season.

“Jericho” is back.

Once Dorothy and Leanne disarm Josephine, Leanne somehow brings the baby back. Sean and Dorothy suddenly hear the sounds of an infant over the baby monitor, and they walk into the nursery to find Leanne playing with the child, not a doll!

Leanne murdered Aunt Josephine.

When Josephine wakes up from being knocked unconscious by the shovel, she and Leanne get into a physical fight that results in Leanne stabbing Josephine in the eye. The last shot we see of the season is of Josephine’s burnt body shoved between the walls of the house as Leanne says, “I know killing you started a war.” So it sounds like the cult will be a more significant threat in Servant season 3.

Watch the official trailer for Servant season 3 below:

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You can watch the first two seasons of Servant anytime via Apple TV+. The third season officially premieres this Friday, January 21, 2022.