Servant season 3, episode 3 recap: What does the DNA test reveal?

Lauren Ambrose in “Servant,” now streaming on Apple TV+.
Lauren Ambrose in “Servant,” now streaming on Apple TV+. /

Servant season 3, episode 3 begins with a flashback to that horrifying day when Julian found Jericho’s body in the crib, complete with a close-up on that disgusting, maggot-ridden hunk of meat sitting on the table. It’s fitting for this episode since “Hair” really centers on Julian and his fear of what could happen to Dorothy and Sean someday if Leanne were to take Jericho.

Julian and Veera discuss the possibility of that happening since there have been assumptions that Leanne is Jericho’s biological mother. If Sean and Dorothy don’t legally adopt Jericho, then what’s to stop Leanne from taking him and leaving? The couple is too far in denial right now to consider that and good luck trying to get Dorothy to believe Jericho isn’t her son.

SPOILER WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Servant season 3, episode 3, “Hair.”

Julian’s only option is to get DNA proof and proceed from there. Easier said than done, especially since Roscoe doesn’t want to do any more detective work after everything that happened with the cult. He agrees to call in a favor to someone he knows who can rush a DNA report, but Julian is on his own for actually getting the DNA itself.

Servant season 3, episode 3 recap: What does the DNA test reveal?

Servant season 3
Nell Tiger Free and Toby Kebbell in Servant season 3 now streaming on Apple TV+. /

While Julian is running around trying to pluck hairs, Sean coaxes Leanne into taking a walk at the local park with him. It’s one of the very rare moments on this show where we actually follow the characters outside of the brownstone. It might even be the first time it has happened without it being filmed from a camera or phone. Servant season 3, episode 3 does a great job of showing just how overwhelming it is for Leanne at the park, with tons of people, sights and sounds smothering her the second she sets foot on the green.

It doesn’t help that Sean goes out of his way to talk to some homeless kids who live there. Leanne gets unnerved by one who approaches Sean for money and immediately requests they leave. She also shows no desire to return to the park with Sean, who has taken it upon himself to bring food to the people living there. Are they really just homeless teens in need of assistance? Or could they be a threat to the Turner household?

After Julian successfully takes hair from Jericho, he tries to seduce Leanne so he can get some of her hair, but despite a harsh tug nothing comes out. All he does is piss her off. Instead, Veera advises he get Dorothy’s hair so he can at least prove Jericho isn’t her son. And as luck would have it, Julian notices one of her hairbrushes lying out with a big clump of follicles.

Servant season 3
Lauren Ambrose and Rupert Grint in Servant season 3 now streaming on Apple TV+. /

Sean becomes increasingly devoted to helping the local teens at the park, to the point Dorothy leaps on the opportunity to use their plight as a news story so she can cover something juicy instead of Marilyn Monroe look-alike contests and pet parades. We see that Sean has become something of a local celebrity to these teens, bringing them food every day and even allowing them into the house to use the restroom.

When the DNA report returns, it confirms Dorothy isn’t Jericho’s biological mom. Julian confronts Dorothy with this information and she takes it exactly as we all knew she would: flat-out denial. But then one of the moms from the previous episode arrives to collect a diaper bag she mistakenly left behind–and notices her hairbrush on the table. Julian took hair from her brush, not Dorothy’s, hence why the report was wrong.

Dorothy forgives him but warns that Julian should never do anything like that again since it was a serious breach of trust. We’re right back where we started, still not knowing the truth about this baby. Although Julian does reveal one interesting thing to Dorothy: he saw the real Jericho when he overdosed, in the afterlife.

Then, in the final moments of Servant season 3, episode 3, Leanne notices several of the homeless teens from the park standing outside, staring up at her window.

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