What’s new on Tubi in March: Alien, Final Destination, From Hell and more

Tubi in March Streaming Roundups. Image courtesy Tubi
Tubi in March Streaming Roundups. Image courtesy Tubi /

Tubi is rolling out more horror and thriller additions for March, and 1428 Elm is here to give you the scoop on what’s new. Here’s what you can look forward to streaming this month:

Alien 3 – This sequel is set immediately after the events in Aliens, with Ripley the sole survivor of an escape pod crash landing. Well, almost the sole survivor. As it turns out, one of the aliens has come along for the ride as well. Sigourney Weaver and Lance Henriksen returned for this one.

Alien Resurrection – In the fourth installment of the Alien franchise, Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) has been cloned, and an Alien Queen has been removed from her body. When the US Military indicates that it wants to breed and study the creatures, Ripley and others work to stop it.

Anacondas: Trail of Blood – This was the fourth in the Anaconda series of films, and it premiered on Syfy. When a decision is made to experiment with a baby anaconda, it doesn’t end well.

Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid – A group of pharmaceutical researchers looking for a flower they believe will benefit humankind find themselves hunted by gigantic anacondas on an island.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer – 1992’s Joss Whedon-written film starred Kristy Swanson as the teenager who discovers that she is the Chosen One, destined to spend her life slaying vampires. The film leans more towards comedy than horror and features the acting talents of Donald Sutherland, Luke Perry, Rutger Hauer and Paul Reubens.

Deep Rising – Hijackers get more than they bargained for when they board an ocean liner. Not only do they have to deal with the people on board, but also the creature lurking in the ocean beneath them.

EDWARD SCISSORHANDS – FreeformÕs spooktacular Ò13 Nights of HalloweenÓ annual programming event brings the chills and thrills October 19 -31 with your favorite Halloween films. (FOX)JOHNNY DEPP, WINONA RIDER /

Edward Scissorhands – Tim Burton’s delicious, gorgeous story of the boy with scissors for hands never gets old. It’s sweet, sad and also brutal at times.

Tubi is giving us two Final Destination films in March 2022

Final Destination – When Alex has a premonition that the plane he and his friends have boarded for Paris will explode, he exits (with a few friends in tow). When the plane actually does explode, he and his surviving friends find themselves dodging death at all turns.

Final Destination 2 – With the same general premise as the first film, this one features a highway accident that will leave viewers in fear every time they are behind a truck carrying logs.

From Hell – Johnny Depp is an inspector trying to discover the identity of the notorious Jack the Ripper during the killer’s heyday in East London. Unfortunately, he is both addicted to opium and also falling in love with Mary Kelly (Heather Graham), a potential victim of the Ripper.

I Am Legend – Will Smith and his trusty dog have survived a plague that turns people into what basically equates to vampires. As he works towards creating a cure using his own blood, he must fight off the bloodthirsty creatures.

It (1990) – Stephen King’s story of Pennywise the clown and the Losers’ Club was first brought to the small screen as a mini-series. It features the acting talents of Tim Curry, John Ritter, Richard Thomas, Annette O’Toole, Harry Anderson and Dennis Christopher.

Lake Placid 2 – This made for Syfy sequel brings us another killer croc, and features John Schneider and Chloris Leachman.

Lake Placid 3 – Killer crocodiles return in this third installment, which starts Colin Ferguson and Michael Ironside.

Lake Placid: The Final Chapter – Syfy loved this franchise so much, they brought it back for yet another sequel. This one features Robert Englund.

One Hour Photo – This was one of Robin Williams’ celebrated serious roles, as a photo technician who becomes obsessed with the Yorkin family, who often have photos developed at his place of employment.

The Eye – Jessica Alba stars in this remake, as a blind violinist who receives a cornea transplant. As her vision clears, she starts to see horrifying visions, which seem to originate from the donor.

Valentine – This 2001 slasher features Denise Richards, Jessica Capshaw, Marley Shelton and David Boreanaz. Young women in San Francisco are hunted by a murderer in a Cupid mask.

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