Peacock adds documentary Perfect World: A Deadly Game

Perfect World. Image courtesy Peacock
Perfect World. Image courtesy Peacock /

True Crime followers, rejoice! Peacock is debuting a brand new docuseries titled Perfect World: A Deadly Game.

Peacock’s new series is part of  True Crime Tuesday, will be shown in two parts,  and will be available to watch beginning Tuesday, March 8.

As we all know, true crime podcasts, series and documentaries have become increasingly popular, so Peacock is smart to get in on that game.

Perfect World: A Deadly Game relays the fascinating true story of a group of MMORPG (Massively Multi-player Online Role Playing Game) players, who were shocked when one of their own sent out a disturbing message indicating that he had killed his family. Of course they at first thought it might be a scam, but when the gamer also sent a photo that showed his family members covered in blood and lying on the ground, they sprang into action.

The Peacock doc takes us through the 18 hours after this happened.

Perfect World. Image courtesy Peacock /

The  gamers worked together frantically in an attempt to identify the killer, and possibly stop him from committing more murders. What makes this entire story so tricky and compelling is that the group members are sprinkled across the world, and mostly interact strictly through the games and via messaging. It’s worth noting that many of the gamers conversed with the killer online on a regular basis, even considering him a friend. This is the first time they have shared their stories, told first-hand in the Peacock documentary.

Imagine coming together with “virtual” friends around the world to become digital detectives, in a situation that could very well end in multiple murders. Perfect World includes shocking photos and messages, which have never before been seen by the public, as well as discussions with noted Criminologist Dr. Michael Arntfield. Arntfield is affiliated with Western University’s Cold Case Society, which utilizes students and faculty to examine failed investigations and unsolved crimes.

You can subscribe to Peacock by visiting their website, where subscription plans range from free to $9.99 per month.

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