Amityville in Space: Check out the trailer and poster!

Amityville in Space. Image courtesy Wild Eye Releasing
Amityville in Space. Image courtesy Wild Eye Releasing /

From Wild Eye Releasing comes a haunted house from outer space: Amityville in Space, to be exact! This unholy assault is set to unsettle viewers in July 2022. What’s it about? Just check out the trailer and see:

Obviously, the trailer shows you some of the madness sure to be in store, including black holes (to help cover any plot holes), and enough freaky, futuristic space stuff to make Darth Vader shrug his shoulders and go home. The promotional text reads: “The ultimate battle against the Amityville curse begins after the infamous murder house is exorcised from Earth and reappears in outer space.” I know what you’re also thinking: Will there be sharks inside of tornadoes? Probably not, but there is an infamous, purportedly haunted house in space. Hell, remember that the Leprechaun went to space, as well as Jason Voorhees, and even bloody Pinhead went there!

More about Amityville in Space

Some people seem excited about this one. Its director, Mark Polonia, is known for fare such as the also-upcoming Sharkula, Land Shark, Noah’s Shark, Sharkenstein, Bigfoot Vs. Zombies, and Driving Miss Daisy (okay, that last one isn’t true, but we all wanted it to be true!). Amityville in Space stars Titus Himmelberger, Cassandra Hayes, Tim Hatch, Ryan Dalton, and Jeff Kirkendall. Even this film’s detractors might at least enjoy the stylish poster.

Amityville in Space
Amityville in Space. Image courtesy Wild Eye Releasing /

How related is Amityville in Space to other films in the Amityville franchise?

That question doesn’t really matter at this point, does it? In addition to The Amityville Horror and its original run of crazy sequels, the horror universe has sprung a leak and the flow of bizarre Amityville-themed spinoffs just can’t be stopped! In addition to Polonia’s multiple takes on the haunted house, you have other wacky films with titles like Amityville Vibrator, Amityville in the Hood, and Amityville Scarecrow. At this point, why not a yacht rock Weird Al Parody about “wastin’ away again in Amityville?”

What more is there to talk about? Does this movie require much hype or some scathing critiques? No, you’ll pretty much have your opinion of it already, based on the trailer, title and poster. Whatever your decision, I implore you to consider just one thing: All these movies ultimately happened because back in 1974, a guy named Ronald DeFeo Jr. shot and killed his family in a house. Now the story has been broadened by extraneous storytellers to include elements like exorcisms, black holes in space, and hey, had Jim Varney lived a longer life, perhaps we would have seen Ernest P. Worrell take on the infamous hellhouse.

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What are your thoughts on Amityville in Space and Amityville overall? Let us know in the comments!