April on Tubi: Original Titanic horror film and more

Tubi April highlights. Courtesy of Tubi
Tubi April highlights. Courtesy of Tubi /

Tubi proves that it’s no fool in April with more great horror additions, including Titanic 666, a Tubi original. Let’s check in and see what this month will bring for horror fans.

Titanic 666 (Tubi Original) – On the 110th anniversary of the famous ship’s demise, an exact replica of the Titanic is ready to set sail on its maiden cruise. But the passengers don’t know that a deadly stowaway is on board, with the intention of channeling the dark forces waiting beneath the sea. When the ship reaches the spot where the Titanic sank, all hell breaks loose.

Exorcist: The Beginning – A prequel to The Exorcist, this one was directed by Renny Harlin.We are introduced to a young Father Merrin (played by Stellan Skarsgard) in Egypt in 1949. Struggling with his faith in God due to the traumatic events he witnessed during World War II, Merrin is taking a sabbatical. When an ancient church is discovered during an archeological dig, he is asked to recover the relic of a demon, and foolishly agrees to do it.

Gone Girl – The best-selling novel was adapted for the screen by author Gillian Flynn herself, and it’s a thoroughly engrossing twisty rollercoaster ride. When Amy (Rosamund Pike) disappears, signs eventually start to point to her husband Nick (Ben Affleck), who it seems may have actually killed her. But did he? Directed by David Fincher (Mindhunter, Seven), Gone Girl is genuinely thrilling (and bloody).

The Exorcist. Image Courtesy Shudder /

Insidious: Chapter 3 – The third installment in the franchise was actually a prequel to the first two, with the focus mainly on Elise (Lin Shaye). Grieving the loss of her husband, Elise is contacted by a man who wants her to help his teenage daughter Quinn, who has been seeing visions of a man wearing an oxygen mask.

Leprechaun – Warwick Davis stars as the evil title character, who is convinced he knows who stole his gold. Jennifer Aniston made her feature film debut in this campy flick, as a teenage girl trying to fight off the evil leprechaun.

OculusMike Flanagan (The Haunting of Hill House, Midnight Mass) co-wrote and directed this one, a chilling little film about a haunted mirror. When the Russell family moved into their new house, Dad Alan bought an antique mirror for his office, and soon was experiencing some pretty strange things. Years later, his two children, now grown, try to defeat the evil presence within the mirror.

One Hour Photo – Robin Williams delivers a chilling performance as lonely Sy, who works at a photo developing booth. Sy has become fixated on the York family, whose photos he often develops; he has even printed duplicates of many of their family photos for himself. After discovering that the Yorks may not be the perfect family he perceived them to be, Sy goes a little overboard.

Psycho – If you have never seen the original Alfred Hitchcock masterpiece, Tubi is giving you the opportunity to remedy that. Anthony Perkins gives a stellar performance as Mamma’s boy Norman Bates, who runs a motel. When Marion Crane (Janet Leigh) steals money from her employer, she flees. Unfortunately for her, she stops along the way to spend a night at the Bates Motel.

Quarantine – The Americanized remake of the popular Spanish horror film REC stars Jennifer Carpenter (Dexter) as Angelia, a news reporter filming a piece about the LA Fire Department’s night shift. When the FD receives a call about screams heard at an apartment building, Angela and her cameraman go along for the ride, and get more than they bargained for.

Salem’s Lot – In 1979, the miniseries based on Stephen King’s bestselling vampire novel hit television, and people still love it to this day. David Soul played Ben Mears, Lance Kerwin was Mark Petrie, and James Mason played the cold, sadistic Straker. Reggie Nalder led a Nosferatu-like air to the role of the series vampire, Kurt Barlow. Though the series veered a bit from the source material, it still mainly stuck to the novel. Tubi is smart to stream this one.

The Grudge 3 – This third installment in the Grudge franchise hit hard with the blood and gore, earning it an R rating (the first two were rated PG-13). It was released straight to video, and I have to admit that I have not seen it, but it deals with a “cursed” apartment and a vengeful ghost.

The Village – M. Night Shyamalyn hit the big time with 1999’s The Sixth Sense (a perfect movie if there ever was one), and he has spent all of the years since then trying to live up to it. After Unbreakable and Signs, he released The Village, about a young woman (Bryce Dallas Howard) venturing out of the secluded 19th-century village she lives in to get medical supplies for her injured beloved (Joaquin Phoenix). While not a terrible film, the twist was a little lackluster…but it’s probably unfair to compare ANY film to The Sixth Sense!

Urban Legend – Alicia Witt, Rebecca Gayheart, Tara Reid and Jared Leto play students at a university, where recent murders have taken place. The murders seem to be modeled after stereotypical urban legends, and the gang must try to figure out who the killer is before they become victims.

Urban Legends: Final Cut – Amy (Jennifer Morrison) is a film student who decides to make her thesis film about a serial killer who murders his victims in the style of urban legends. During the process of filming her movie, multiple murders take place.

Vacancy – Released in 2007, Vacancy stars Luke Wilson and Kate Beckinsdale as a couple on the edge of divorce. A wrong turn results in their car breaking down, and the couple stays at a motel for the night. Well, that’s the plan anyway, but all plans are changed when they realize their room is bugged and then find themselves evading killers.

Check out Tubi this month to see all of the films we just discussed, and we’ll see you back here in May to discuss future additions to the schedule.

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