Tribeca announces 2022 Midnight selections, including The Black Phone

Tribeca logo 2022 - Courtesy Tribeca
Tribeca logo 2022 - Courtesy Tribeca /

Tribeca Film Festival has announced the slate for Midnight, its late-night horror, sci-fi and cult fest. The roster includes some new films and a few “TribecXploitation” films that horror fans may be more familiar with.

Here are the films coming to Tribeca Midnight in June:

  • Attachment – Maja and Leah’s relationship seems to be coming along well, until Leah’s mother causes some odd things to happen in their flat in London. It seems mother dearest disapproves of the relationship, and is utilizing Jewish folklore to split them up.
  • The Black Phone

    Joe Hill’s

    short story is brought to life in this film, which has a terrifying trailer. When Finney Shaw is kidnapped by a child killer, the killer’s past victims try to help by calling him on a phone in the room he is being held in. Ethan Hawke plays the masked murderer (called The Grabber), and Mason Thames plays Finney. This is one of the more highly-anticipated

    horror films of the year


    Black Phone. Courtesy Tribeca /
  • Family Dinner – Shy, overweight Simi is sent to spend Easter with her aunt, who is a famous nutritionist. It’s hoped that her aunt will get Simi on a healthier diet, but her aunt’s family dynamics are amping up in a frightening way.
  • Huesera – When Valeria finds out she is pregnant, it’s like a dream come true at first. But she starts having terrifying visions, and soon begins to suspect that an evil force may be at work.
  • A Wounded Fawn

    –  Meredith is just starting to date again, and thinks she may have found Mr. Right when he whisks her away for an exciting weekend trip. Unfortunately, her new guy turns out to be a serial killer, and she must fight for her life.

    A Wounded Fawn

    is a Shudder Original, which will debut on the platform later in 2022.

    A Wounded Fawn – Courtesy Tribeca /

    Tribeca’s TribecXploitation selections include:

    • Basket Case – In this cult classic, Dwayne and Belial are conjoined twins who have been surgically separated. Dwayne looks like your average guy, but Belial is basically a blob of flesh who is kept by his brother in a basket. When the two set out to seek revenge on the doctors who separated them, bloody murder ensues.
    • Ms .45 – In this 1981 rape revenge film, a mute woman named Thana is raped twice in one day. She manages to kill the second attacker, and the trauma results in her becoming consumed with the need to ruthlessly punish men.
    • Tenement – A violent exploitation film, Tenement is set at a South Bronx apartment building overrun by brutal junkies. When the low-lifes are turned in by one of the apartment tenants, they hatch a plot to take over the entire building.

    Tribeca runs from June 8 through June 19 this year. For more information on Tribeca Midnight, check out their website, where you can find more info on the films and purchase tickets.

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    What do you think of the Tribeca Midnight selections for 2022? Are you intrigued by them? Give us your thoughts in the comments section.