Originals and Exclusives coming to Shudder in June

The Long Night - Courtesy AMC/Shudder
The Long Night - Courtesy AMC/Shudder /

A new month means more new Shudder Originals and Exclusives! Horror streaming service Shudder continues their tradition of bringing us all-new films to watch with their June roster.

A new Original begins streaming each week in June, so let’s take a look at the four new films we can all look forward to.

June 10:

Offseason – When Marie (Jocelin Donahue) gets a letter stating that someone has vandalized her mother’s grave, she immediately heads to the island where her mother was buried. She finds herself stuck there when the island closes for the offseason, which results in the bridges being raised through the winter. The townspeople act very strangely towards Marie,  she starts to suspect that something is up, and if she wants to make it back home, she will have to figure out the mysteries in her mother’s past.

Mad God – Courtesy Shudder /

June 16:

Mad God – In this visually arresting film (described by Shudder as an experimental animated film) created by stop-motion animator and special effects master Phil Tippett, “The Assassin” descends in a beat-up diving bell into a ruined city. Guarded by zombie-like creatures, the city is like a maze of destroyed landscapes and filled with strange beings. Mad God has taken Tippett 30 years to create, and has won multiple awards at Fantasia, Sitges and Trieste film festivals.

June 23:

Revealer – A stripper and a religious zealot (Caito Aase and Shaina Schrooten) have to work together to survive while trapped in a peep show booth. Set in 1980s Chicago during the dreaded apocalypse, Revealer is one of Shudder’s recent acquisitions.

June 30:

The Long Night – Grace (Scout Taylor-Compton) has spent years searching for her family, so she is naturally excited when an investigator calls, claiming to have found them. She and her boyfriend (Nolan Gerard Funk) travel to the deep south. The investigator has invited the two to stay at his plantation home, where terrifying things start to happen.

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Are any of Shudder’s upcoming June Originals on your must-see list? Tell us which ones and why in the comments section.