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Jack Osbourne returns to discovery+ in June with an all-new two hour special, and he is bringing his friend Jason Mewes (best known as Jay of Jay and Silent Bob, as well as Clerks) along for the investigation.

Osbourne and his famous family began televising their interest in the paranormal with Travel Channel’s series The Osbournes Night of Terror. Discovery+ had already announced that Jack would be appearing in at least two specials this year, with the first being a search for Bigfoot.

That first special launches on Sunday, June 26. Jack Osbourne’s Night of Terror: Bigfoot sees the two friends exploring Idaho’s backwoods in an attempt to find out whether the legendary Bigfoot is real, or just a myth.

Osbourne and Mewes have always been curious about the Bigfoot legend, and decided to look into the evidence, sightings and reports of personal encounters with him. Discovery+ seems to be the perfect platform for such a hunt.

During the Discovery+ special, Osbourne and Mewes will talk to experts such as primatologist Dr. Mireya Mayor

Left to Right, Sharon, Ozzie, Kelly and Jack Osbourne pose in the Osbourne family home in Los Angeles during the production of Portal To Hell, hosted by Jack Osbourne. Image courtesy Travel Channel, Gilles Mingasson / Getty Images /

During the special, the two hike deep into the woods in Priest Lake, always considered the most likely place to encounter Bigfoot. There are more reported sightings of Bigfoot in the vast Priest Lake region than anywhere else. Making things event more exciting, they actually camp out in the woods, exposing themselves to possible encounters with bears and mountain lions, if not Bigfoot himself.

Osbourne admitted that was nervous, but said, “You don’t know if something’s real or not until you’ve made an attempt to find it.” Mewes said he had never attempted anything like this before, and claims that if they find proof, he will name it “Mewesbourne.”

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