What does the new trailer tell us about NOPE?

NOPE - Courtesy Universal Pictures
NOPE - Courtesy Universal Pictures /

The final trailer has dropped for Jordan Peele’s NOPE, which premiers on July 22 only in theaters. So, the question is: Does the new trailer make it crystal clear what the new film is about? Nope.

But, I found the new trailer to be much more intriguing than the initial teaser, and it does give us a little more information than we had before. There is definitely more of the horror element evident in this one. We see a woman’s skeletal face, along with Keith David’s face (which is missing an eyeball), and we are seeing more action-type sequences.

Of course, this being a Jordan Peele flick, there are a number of comedic moments as well, and the trailer gives us several instances of characters uttering the word “nope”…which is just plain funny.

Here is what we know about the plot of NOPE so far:

Daniel Kaluuya (Get Out) and Keke Palmer (Scream: The TV Series) are siblings OJ and Emerald Haywood, who run a horse-training ranch in California. In the trailer, we see their father Otis (Keith David) fall off his horse, but it turns out it wasn’t just a simple fall. Something pushed or pulled his eye out, and he dies.

Nope – Courtesy Universal Pictures /

OJ thinks a UFO is responsible, and his sister thinks they should try to capture it on film (she seems to be pretty social media savvy). I am not sure exactly what Steven Yeun (The Walking Dead) is supposed to be, but he seems to be holding a tent revival of sorts, promising that what attendees are going to see is “an absolute spectacle.”

We are given a clue of sorts when one of the characters says, “I don’t think they take you if you don’t look at it.” Is that why the woman attending Yeun’s event turns all corpse-like? Because she looked up at the…whatever it is?

The Haywoods contact Antlers Holst (Michael Windcott), who seems to be a documentarian or investigative journalist of some sort to help them, and they also get assistance from tech guy Angel (Brandon Perea), who supplies a lot of the laughs in the trailer.

I’ll be honest, the first trailer didn’t really grab me, and I sort of just shrugged it off. But, this “final” trailer made me decide to watch NOPE as soon as it comes to a theater near me. It looks exciting and scary and seems like it will be a lot of fun. This being a Jordan Peele film, there will probably be a social commentary of sorts.

For the best trailer experience, watch the US trailer AND the International trailer; each of them includes some different footage, so you can get a more rounded picture of what NOPE is all about.

Watch the US trailer for NOPE here:

Still hungry for more? Check out the International trailer:

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Did you think the new trailer for NOPE was more intriguing than the earlier trailer? Let us know what you thought about both of them in the comments section.