American Werewolves chases an evil older than mankind

American Werewolves- Courtesy Justin Cook PR
American Werewolves- Courtesy Justin Cook PR /

American Werewolves, an all-new documentary from Small Town Monsters, asks the question: do real werewolves exist? Directed by Seth Breedlove and produced by Heather Moser, American Werewolves chases one of the myths that has dogged folklore for centuries…and explores the real-world consequences and encounters with the evil creatures older than mankind.

The trailer of American Werewolves opens with an eyewitness report of an encounter with a werewolf at night in a cornfield. The eyewitness comes face to face with a huge canine in the dark, its piercing, nightmarish eyes examining him from the shadows of the cornfield. The darkness and the fog bring out some of our worst wears, but what if a predator was lurking in the shadows, driven by its insatiable hunger for blood and death?

American Werewolves: a hand next to a large paw print in the mud.
American Werewolves – chase mankind Courtesy Justin Cook PR /

With its Texas Chainsaw Massacre-inspired music cues and gothic atmosphere set in a small town besieged by nightmares, American Werewolves looks like a fun addition to the monster-chasing and myth-busting genres. Comprised of eyewitness accounts and interviews with people who’ve encountered the lumbering, aggressive dog-like creatures, the documentary presents the theory that real werewolves are behind the disappearances of thousands of people each year.

Unlike previous entries in the Small Town Monster series, American Werewolves doesn’t rely on panels of investigators and experts but rather leaves the storytelling to the witnesses whose stories often remain untold. The documentary film looks creepy and intense, exploring stories where death, uncertainty, and mystery are prevalent, with answers we might not like. According to the film, evil has been here since the beginning, older than mankind and preying on the innocent and unaware. Breedlove allows a place for the eyewitnesses who have come face to face with the horrifying reality of what lurks in the dark, from brief rural run-ins to encounters much more gruesome.

American Werewolves debuts on major streaming platforms on July 5th.

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