Shudder heats up your summer with thrills and chills in July

The Burning. Image Courtesy Shudder
The Burning. Image Courtesy Shudder /

Shudder brought us some hot horror in June, and now they are providing chills and thrills for July. Let’s check out all the great horror coming to Shudder during the month of July:

First of all, there are two outstanding collections Shudder will be adding this month, Alien Encounters and the John Carpenter Collection. We will be going more into depth on those collections in later articles, but a few additions to look forward to are:

  • The Thing
  • They Live
  • Prince of Darkness
  • Invasion of the Body Snatchers

That’s just a handful of the collection films!

The Thing – Courtesy Shudder /

July 1:

The Burning – When the young campers at Camp Blackfoot play a prank on caretaker Cropsy, the man ends up severely burned and nearly killed. After five years, Cropsy is released and seeks revenge.

Return of the Living Dead – They’re back from the grave and ready to party! So reads the poster for this 1980s zombie horror comedy, in which the dead are raised via toxic gas.

God Told Me To – A rash of random murders committed by everyday people are investigated by an NYPD detective. These killers all say the same thing: God told them to commit the killings. Directed by Larry Cohon (It’s Alive, The Stuff), God Told Me To also features Andy Kaufman’s first onscreen role.

1BR – Premiering at Fantasia Fest in 2019, 1BR stars Nicole Brydon Bloom as Sarah, a young woman who moves into the “perfect” apartment in Hollywood. If it seems to good to be true, it probably is, as it turns out the apartment complex is owned by evil and dangerous people.

July 2:
We Have Always Lived in the CastleMerricat and Constance are sisters living in their family estate with their slightly bonkers uncle. Years ago, the rest of the family died, and Constance was acquitted of poisoning them. That doesn’t matter to the townspeople, who continue to torment them. This is based on a book by Shirley Jackson, who also wrote The Haunting of Hill House.

July 5:
The Long Walk – This Laotian film tells the story of a hermit who comes across a ghost. The ghost claims they can transport the hermit back in time, and he hopes to save his mother from her painful death.

Meatcleaver Massacre – A professor, his wife and their children are attacked by students, leaving him the only survivor. Unluckily for the attackers, Professor Cantrell is an expert in the occult, and consults with demon to get revenge.

Mansion of the Doomed – One of the films seized during the UK’s video nasty panic, this film is about a crazed surgeon who captures people and removes their eyes, hoping to restore the sight of his daughter..

July 11:
Who Saw Her Die – In this Italian giallo film, a young girl is kipnapped and murdered. Afterwards, her parents are determined to find the person who killed her.

Forbidden Photos of a Lady Above Suspicion – Another giallo, this one deals with a woman forced into a sadistic relationship. Her blackmailer has her convinced that her husband is a murderer, and threatens to turn him in.

Suspicious Death of a Minor – Again with the giallo! A detective investigating the horrific murder of a young girl ends up infiltrating a sex trafficking ring.

Watch Me When I Kill – This giallo was released in 1977. A nightclub dancer is stalked by a killer after she witnesses a murder. Mara and her boyfriend Lukas try to find out who the killer is before it is too late for Mara.

Blue Sunshine – An innocent prank at a party goes awry, resulting in a mass murder. The wrongly accused Jerry conducts his own investigation and finds a series of similar murders.

The Burning. Image Courtesy Shudder /

July 12:
The Convent (2000) – Pesky college students are at it again, and break into an abandoned convent. Bad idea, because evil Satanists are inside. Help is on the way, however; Christine (Adrienne Barbeau) has past history with the convent, which is now inhabited by demons.

The House on Sorority Row – A group of sorority sisters just want to party, but their house mother gets in the way. The girls end up accidently killing Mrs. Slater, and go forward with their party plans, but they live to regret it (for a while at least).

July 15:
Bloody Hell – A mysterious man relocates in an effort to flee his personal demons, but ends up in a worse place than he started in.

July 18:
Phantom of the Mall: Eric’s Revenge – A masked killer wreaks havoc on a shopping mall, stalking and killing the patrons.

The Forbidden Door – A sculptor who specializes in lifecasting pregnant women begins a slow descent into insanity, and becomes obsessed with violent abuse videos.

Santa Sangre – This avant-garde horror film is about Fenix, who observed his father cutting off his mother’s arms. The trauma results in Fenix spending time in a mental hospital, and when he escapes, he seeks revenge for his mother.

July 19:
Tombs of the Blind Dead – The first film in Amando de Ossorio’s Blind Dead series tells the story of Satanic zombies who are accidently revived when a group of friends stumble upon their burial ground.

Mosquito – Those darn campers never learn! This time around, the threat lies not in a crazed killer, but a horde of mutated mosquitoes.

July 25
Hard Rock Nightmare – Jim’s grandfather tormented him as a child, claiming to be a werewolf. The trauma ended when young Jim killed Grandpa, but years later, he and his bandmates go to the family farm to rehearse. Their peaceful practice ends when a werewolf shows up.

Hard Rock Zombies – In this horror comedy, a hard rock band performs in a town that has outlawed rock and roll. When the band is murdered by a cult, they come back to seek sweet zombie revenge.

Slaughterhouse Rock – Teenager Alex is haunted by nightmares about Alcatraz. Alex and his friends go to Alcatraz in an attempt to stop the visions, but, this being a horror film, it doesn’t work out as planned.

The Toolbox Murders – Someone is stalking and killing women using the tools in his toolbox. This one was briefly banned in the UK during the video nasty panic, and is one of the better-known grindhouse films of the 1970s.

Uninvited – When a group of criminals flee a research lab in a boat, a mutant cat sneaks aboard. Thought the cat looks sweet and innocent, it can suddenly become violent and deadly.

As with the July collections, 1428 Elm will be running a feature on the Shudder Originals/Exclusives, which will include:

  • Moloch
  • Good Madam
  • On the 3rd Day
  • This is GWAR
  • The Reef: Stalked

Next. Pride month: Queer Horror to explore on Shudder. dark

Tell us which Shudder addition you are most looking forward to in July, drop your faves in the comments section.