Arrow Films releasing Christmas comedy/horror The Leech in December

The Leech - Courtesy Arrow Films
The Leech - Courtesy Arrow Films /

Arrow Films announced that it has acquired the distribution rights for the Christmas horror comedy film The Leech.  The film will be released by Arrow in the US, UK, Ireland and Canada.

The Leech is scheduled for its world premiere on June 23 at the Chattanooga Film Festival, but UK-based Arrow is planning their own release in December of this year (fitting, since it’s a Christmas horror film).

Catholic priest Father David (played by Graham Skipper, Dementia: Part II) comes across Terry (Jerry Gardner of Offseason) after Mass one morning. Terry is sleeping in the church, and is homeless after a fight with his girlfriend Lexi (Taylor Gardner, Sadistic Intentions). Since Christmas is just around the corner, Father David feels badly for Terry, and takes him in for the night.

Things take a turn when Lexi shows up, telling the men she has been evicted from her home, and David again allows himself to be guilted into giving her a place to stay until the holidays are over. The only condition he has is that the two give him the opportunity to attempt to convince them of God’s love.

The Leech
The Leech – Courtesy Arrow Films /

Father David’s Christmas spirit is tested in The Leech

As Terry and Lexi try his patience and religious devotion, David begins to believe that the arrival of the two strangers is God’s way of testing his own faith. Soon, his thoughts begin to follow a dark path, leading to the possibility of the priest taking Old Testament vengeance on the freeloaders.

The Writer/Director of The Leech is Eric Pennycoff (Sadistic Intentions), and he referred to working with Arrow Films as “a total dream come true.” He says he has always been a fan, and  Arrow’s Director of Content Kevin Lambert promises to “blow audiences’ minds” when The Leech makes its premiere.

In addition to the December digital release, a deluxe collector’s edition Blu-ray is planned for the UK, US, Canada and Ireland as part of the Arrow Video brand.

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Are you a fan of Arrow’s films? Will you be making it a point to watch The Leech in December? Let us know what you think about it in the comments section.