Prey for the Devil coming to theaters in October

DSC_4304.NEF Prey for the Devil - Courtesy Lionsgate
DSC_4304.NEF Prey for the Devil - Courtesy Lionsgate /

Lionsgate has released the poster and trailer for possession horror film Prey for the Devil, which will be coming to theaters just in time for Halloween.

It’s a good sign that the writer and director both have pretty strong backgrounds in horror. Screenwriter Robert Zappia also penned Halloween H20: 20 Years Later, and director Daniel Stamm worked on The Last Exorcism, Them, The Down episode of Hulu’s Into the Dark and Fear the Walking Dead.

The actors appearing in Prey for the Devil include Jacqueline Byers (The Strain), Colin Salmon (Resident Evil and multiple James Bond films), Christian Navarro (13 Reasons Why), Virginia Madsen (Candyman, The Haunting in Connecticut) and Ben Cross (Exorcist: The Beginning, Wicked Little Things). Cross completed filming on Prey for the Devil only 10 days before his death in 2020.

The story goes a little something like this: With demonic possessions reaching an all-time high, the Catholic Church jumps into action by training priests to perform exorcisms. A 25-year-old nun, Sister Ann, thinks she has what it takes to do the job, and she has her own reasons for wanting to tackle possessions, but, alas, only priests are allowed to perform exorcisms. Professor Father Quinn has observed Sister Ann enough to think she can handle the training, and agrees to help her.

Prey for the Devil
Prey for the Devil – Courtesy Lionsgate /

When Sister Ann encounters a troubled young girl, the nun believes she is possessed by the same demon who tormented her own mother many years ago. Working with fellow student Father Dante, Sister Ann prepares to fight for the soul of the girl. But is the demon’s true target Sister Ann herself?

Prey for the Devil will only be released in theaters on October 28, 2022. Intrigued? Check out the trailer below.

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Are you a fan of possession films, and do you plan to see Prey for the Devil when it’s in theaters? Tell us about your favorite possession films in the comments section.