The Andy Baker Tape is a fresh take on found-footage horror

The Andy Baker Tape - Courtesy Terror Films
The Andy Baker Tape - Courtesy Terror Films /

The Andy Baker Tape, created by and starring Dustin Fontaine (a former Blue Man) and Bret Lada (who also directed) was written, shot, and edited during the height of the Covid-19 pandemic, and is a fresh take on found-footage horror.  The format AND execution of this film work better than some other pandemic horror fare like Night’s End.  What did you do during YOUR quarantine?

In October of 2020, YouTube food blogger Jeff Blake uses a spit-in-a-tube-and-send-it-to-strangers DNA service in the wake of his father’s passing and uncovers a heretofore unknown half-brother.  After an awkward, but not entirely unpleasant first meeting, Jeff’s half-brother Andy Baker talks his way into joining Jeff on the road for a food tour pilot that has the potential to be picked up by the Food Network.  Clearly this is not going to end well, as it is a found footage horror film – but the questions is how, and why.  Also, why is this movie called The Andy Baker tape when Jeff Blake is the vlogger?

What makes this film stand out from other found footage and pandemic offerings that kept the artistic spirit going when everything was closed is the quality of the acting, and the believability of the relationship.  Jeff Blake, handsome and charming on his blog, is quite the control freak narcissist with definite rage issues – he’s pretty much unlikable.  Andy is isolated, lives simply, and is socially awkward, at times coming across like a scolded dog, but he craves a relationship with Jeff, and tries hard to prove he is worthy of his half-brother’s company.

A bloody Jeff Blake in his car in The Andy Baker Tape
The Andy Baker Tape – Courtesy Terror Films /

Something is definitely off with Andy in The Andy Baker Tape.

Even from the beginning of the road trip, it seems like Andy is baiting Jeff into violent outbursts.  It is difficult to tell if this is intentional or just what little brothers do.  The first night doesn’t end particularly well, and it is very clear something is off with Andy when he films Jeff sleeping in their hotel room.  The second day the brothers really start to vibe, though, and I began to wonder when something would happen – and when it does, I still felt sympathetic toward Andy!  The Andy Baker Tape really builds the suspense well, and like just like an emotionally abused dog, Andy’s aggression is going to come out somewhere.  Just how far will he go?

And if you think this film takes itself seriously, just don’t stop watching before the closing credits song.

The Andy Baker Tape runs an hour and ten minutes and premieres on the Terror Films Channel August 5, before a wide digital release on August 12 and the Kings of Horror on August 19.

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Would you go on a road trip with your estranged half-sibling the day after you meet?  Sound off in the comments!