Shudder is adding yokai trilogy and Amityville films in August

100 Monsters - Courtesy Shudder
100 Monsters - Courtesy Shudder /

August is almost here, and Shudder subscribers know that means: Halloween content is right around the corner! Shudder is adding exclusives and originals and two great collections, along with more additions to their movie library.

We will be discussing the collections in detail soon, but Shudder is rolling out Stephen King and George A. Romero collections in August.

August 3:

Amityville: The Evil Escapes – This fourth film in the Amityville franchise was actually made for television, and involves a possessed lamp that once resided in the famous haunted house. When the lamp is gifted to a woman in California (Patty Duke), it begins to possess her little girl. A priest tries to help rid the house of the evil spirit, but will he be able to do it before everyone in the house is killed?

Amityville: A New Generation – The seventh film in the series, this one also never made it to the big screen, premiering direct to video in 1993. Keyes Terry is a photographer who is given a mirror taken from the Amityville house. As you might guess, the mirror is bad luck, even in its unbroken state.

Amityville Dollhouse – Courtesy Shudder /

Amityville Dollhouse – Amityville film #8 was also released direct to video. Why anyone in their right mind would want a dollhouse replica of 112 Ocean Avenue in Amityville is beyond my understanding, but that’s what happens to the Martins. Afterwards, a series of bizarre events take place involving a white rat, flies, bad dreams, fires…you know, the usual.

August 8:

The Oracle – When Jenny plays with a fortune-telling game called The Oracle, things get dangerous. She soon finds herself caught up with the ghost of William Graham, an embezzler who was murdered, and wants Jenny’s help finding his killer and getting sweet revenge.

Freeway – This 1996 black comedy features the perfect 90s cast: Reese Witherspoon is Vanessa, a teen runaway who meets up with a charming serial killer (Keifer Sutherland). When she tries to kill him and escapes, he frames her, and she goes to jail, and must break out in order to restore her good name. Oh, and that awesome 90s cast? It includes Dan Hedaya, Amanda Plummer, Brooke Shields, Brittany Murphy and Conchata Ferrell.

August 9:

Motherly – Kate and her daughter Beth live in an isolated cabin after Kate’s husband is convicted of killing a young girl. Their peaceful existence is shattered when the girl’s parents show up, angry and believing that Kate is the real killer.

Marionette – A child psychiatrist flees to Scotland after her husband’s death. Her fresh start is disturbed when she begins treating a young boy who draws disturbing pictures that seem to predict the future.

August 16:

Alone With You – All Charlie wants is a sweet, romantic homecoming for girlfriend Simone. As we watch Charlie carefully prepare the apartment, she begins to hear voices and see things, letting us know that something is just not right here.

Achoura – Four childhood friends reconnect when one of them reappears after mysteriously disappearing 25 years earlier. This is no joyous reunion however, as the friends are forced to confront an evil djinn.

Bloody Oranges – Four different stories interweave in this dark comedy: Young and innocent Louise is trying to lose her virginity to her crush, an older couple try desperately to win a dance contest, Finance Secretary Stephane is close to being found out for  fraud and tax evasion and status-obsessed lawyer Alexandre is focused on the road to continous success.

Shudder is adding the Japanese yokai trilogy to their August schedule.

100 Monsters – Courtesy Shudder /

August 22:

100 Monsters – The first film in the yokai trilogy was released in the 1960s, and involves a greedy land owner who wants to tear down a shrine and some homes to build a brothel. He calls upon yokai (supernatural spirits) to help, but botches the ceremony, which stirs up the angry spirits.

Spook Warfare – The second yokai film focuses on evil Babylonian vampire Daimon, who is awakened by treasure hunters. A brave team of samurai works with the yokai to fight Daimon.

Along with Ghosts – In the final film of the yokai trilogy, the spirits are enlisted to defend a young girl after she witnesses a killing committed by a criminal boss named Higuruma. They are glad to help, as Higuruma has already enraged the yokai by desecrating their land.

Snake Girl and the Silver Haired Witch – Young Sayuri moves back in with her family after spending several years in an orphanage, but she finds some strange things going on at home. Sayuri’s mother is suffering from amnesia after a car accident, her sister has been confined to the attic for some reason, and Daddy is doing some mysterious work with poisonous snakes.

Next. Prey for the Devil coming to theaters in October. dark

Have you seen the yokai trilogy? Will you watch it when it comes to Shudder next month? If not, tell us which additions you WILL watch in the comments section.