Ghosts of Devil’s Perch series explores haunted mountain town

Hosts KD Stafford (L), Cindy Kaza (C), and Dave Schrader (R) pose outside of the entrance to the Clark Chateau at night.
Hosts KD Stafford (L), Cindy Kaza (C), and Dave Schrader (R) pose outside of the entrance to the Clark Chateau at night. /

Travel Channel is debuting their new paranormal series Ghosts of Devil’s Perch in August. The series will premiere Sunday, August 21 at 9:00 PM ET on both Travel Channel and Discovery+

Butte, Montana has quite a history, mostly due to copper mining in the 1880s. As has happened throughout history, greed took over in many cases, which often led to murder and deceit, and the mountain town was nicknamed The Devil’s Perch.

Butte is now trying to clean up its image, which means there are lots of renovations going on, but the improvements are being held up by frightening paranormal encounters. Butte Mayor J.P. Gallagher and Sheriff Ed Lester put their heads together, and decided to call in a team of paranormal experts. Cue the entrance of psychic medium Cindy Kaza, investigator Dave Schrader and tech expert K.D. Stafford.

During their investigation in Butte, the team uncovered everything from love gone wrong to mine owner feuds, all leading to what they believe are spirits asking for help. Not only that, but a dark and negative energy beneath Butte seems to be getting stirred up.

Ghosts of Devil's Perch
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Episode guide for Ghosts of Devil’s Perch:

Blood Feud (Sunday, August 21) – The team arrives in Butte to assess the paranormal activity, and ends up in the middle of a supernatural feud at a mansion.

The Axe Man (August 28) – Our team of experts investigate the Cabbage Patch, an old shanty town with a tawdry history. One of the members has to be taken to the hospital after an attack by a frightening presence.

Monster in the Mine (September 4) – This time, an investigation is set for a stone mansion after two people report experiencing some paranormal activity. The team feels threatened as they begin to unravel a murderous event from the past.

Shadow of Doubt (September 11) – A couple asks the team to investigate their home after the wife is choked by a dark figure. The startling findings seem to indicate that the house may actually be the root cause of the negative activity in Butte.

Help Us (September 18) – The Dumas Brothel is said to be extremely haunted, but recently the activity has become more intense and negative in nature. The team manages to contact the spirits of two women who once worked in the brothel, and tries to find out if they are the reason for the increase in negative energy.

I’m Coming for You (September 25) – A family asks for the team’s help in dealing with poltergeist-like activity and their son’s reports of a shadow figure.

Unfinished Business (October 2) – An investigation of the historic courthouse finds a history of public executions, and a woman’s close encounter with an apparition leads them to believe there may be a dangerous spirit there.

End Lines (October 9) – In the season finale for Ghosts of Devil’s Perch, the team believes they know the identity of the dark entity behind the recent negative energy in Butte. The only thing left to do is to confront the evil presence beneath the ground.

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