Tubi takes a bite out of shark obsession in August with BITEFEST

Tubi Bitefest - Courtesy Tubi
Tubi Bitefest - Courtesy Tubi /

Most self-respecting horror fans love a good shark flick, right? Tubi has taken note of that fact, and since their horror roster is beloved by fans, they are back again with BiteFest in August.

To start with, Tubi is releasing two original films in honor of BiteFest, Shark Bait and Shark Side of the Moon. You can see the teaser/trailers for each of those films at the end of this article.

Tubi original Shark Bait will hit the free streaming service on August 1, and Shark Side of the Moon will be available to stream on August 12.

The BiteFest celebration will also include the following terrifying tales and documentaries from the depths of the ocean:

Tubi Original Shark Bait – Courtesy Tubi /

Jaws franchise – All four Jaws films will be available for your viewing pleasure in August, including the greatest of them all, the original 1975 classic, starring Roy Scheider, Robert Shaw and Richard Dreyfuss. The three men take off in pursuit of a massive great white shark that has been making snacks of Amity Island residents. Spoiler alert: they find out they need a bigger boat.

Swamp Shark – Kristy Swanson and D. B. Sweeney star in this 2011 Syfy original flick, in which a blood-thirsty shark is accidentally released in a Louisiana bayou. With the locals preparing for the annual Gator Fest, things get messy pretty quickly.

Dark Waters – When an oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico is attacked by a pack of very aggressive sharks, a team is sent to investigate the problem. This is another low budget treasure brought to us by Syfy.

Sharktopus vs. Pteracuda – In this Syfy sequel to the legendary Sharktopus, a pterodactyl and barracuda creature mashup created by a mad scientist runs amok. The only thing that can save humanity is that hero of the deep, Sharktopus.

Tubi’s Bitefest has something for everyone

Gordon Ramsay: Shark Bait – If you are looking for an escape from the silly shark fare, this documentary should do the trick. Famous chef Gordon Ramsay took a serious look at the illegal practice of shark hunting and finning in 2011.

BiteFest will begin on Tubi August 1, so if you are currently avoiding the beach because it’s too hot or dangerous, enjoy a visit from the comfort of your own couch. Not a Tubi subscriber? What are you waiting for? A subscription to Tubi is absolutely free, and you can get on board by visiting their website.

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