Arrow August lineup with new offerings beginning August 5th

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The Arrow August line-up is insane!  ARROW is a subscription-based platform available to subscribers in the US, Canada, the UK, and Ireland. August offers a huge line-up of quality programming with genres including westerns, giallo (Italian fiction mystery and thrillers), and Asian movies, and featuring filmmaker collections, midnight movies, and more. ARROW in August is an awesome place for on-demand horror.

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Curated Content for August on Arrow: FIIIGHT!, The Subspecies Collection, Tooth and Claw, and Vinegar Syndrome Select 

August 5 starts the month with three movies from Italy. Self-flagellating nuns and amorous priests feature in Francesco Mazzei’s 1972 film The Weapon, the Hour, the Motive.  In the 1972 film Smile Before Death by Silvio Amadio, teenager Nancy suspects that her stepfather and his mistress are to blame for apparent suicide of her mother. And In Giuseppe Bennati’s The Killer Reserved Nine Seats from 1974, a group of rich deviants accept an invitation from an eccentric aristocrat and become trapped in his ancestral home while a murderer picks them off one-by-one.

The Arrow August 5th collection packs a punch with FIIIGHT!, a curated season of movies inspired by….you guessed it! Fights! Titles include: Versus, The Sword and the Claw, Sister Street Fighter, and BFF Girls featuring stories of revenge, a prison break interrupted by zombies and gangsters, a missing brother who was looking into a drug smuggling operation, martial arts experts and poisonous kung fu masters, mutant frogs, and a threatening tampon monster from another dimension.

Bliss, a 2019 film written and directed by Joe Begos (The Mind’s Eye, VFW) premiers August 12th.  Los Angeles artist and party-girl Dezzy, played by Dora Madison (Chicago FireFriday Night Lights) needs some creative inspiration to revive her stagnant career, so she indulges in a series of drug binges resulting in an inexplicable and insistent thirst for blood.

Arrow August 's Subspecies
Subspecies – Courtesy Arrow Video /

Arrow August 12th curated season continues the vampire theme with the The Subspecies Collection

ARROW’s latest blood-soaked film series is from Charles Band, an American film producer and director known for his work on horror comedy movies. These five vampire flicks feature the four films of the Subspecies series that were filmed on-location in Romania, as well as the spin-off Vampire Journals.  These films use stop-motion animation and puppetry to tell the story of a young woman named Michelle who gets sucked into a vampire power struggle upon the death of the vampire king.

When animals attack: it’s man vs. beast starting on Arrow August 19th

The Tooth and Claw collection titles include Sting of Death, Mighty Peking Man, Meridian, and Reptile House where the deadly menagerie of animals eating flesh, clawing skin, and sliming bodies abound with reckless abandon.  Apes, rats, bats, snakes, bears, sharks, jellyfish, crocodiles and…chihuahuas (?) run rampant!

North American subscribers are at the mercy of killer rats in Ben  and Willard, and rampant gorillas in Night of the Bloody Apes.  In The Beast in Heat, an Italian exploitation film from 1977Nazi biologist Fraulein Krast, tortures and humiliates women, subjecting them to a sex-crazed man-beast she created with experimental injections. And finally in Meridian, two American girls in Italy are drugged and raped by an evil magician and his twin brother who suffer from a curse that turns them into beastmen each day.

And if you think that’s scary, wait until the Arrow August 26th collections!

August 26 also features four films exclusively for North American subscribers: the 1977 Hong Kong psychological action thriller Running Out of Time  and its sequel featuring a cancer-ridden criminal who challenges a police negotiator to a 72-hour battle of wits and courage.  They are joined by the graphic and disturbing Dead Kids (aka Strange Behavior) and the 2015 Spanish necrophiliac thriller The Corpse of Anna Fritz.

The final August curator collection is by Vinegar Syndrome, a film restoration and distribution company with a catalogue of hundreds of feature films, produced primarily between the1960s and1980s, who dove deep into Arrow’s vaults to find their favorite films available on the platform.  Titles include: The Witch Who Came from the Sea, The Child, Toys are Not for Children, and The Baby. “From the bounty of riches offered here, I’ve selected a few favorites. Each of these films is not only a standout in its genre, but a masterful piece of exploitation/horror filmmaking” says co-founder Joe Rubin.

ARROW is available in the US, Canada, the UK and Ireland on the following Apps/devices: Roku, Apple devices, Android devices, Fire TV, and on the internet at

An ARROW subscription costs $6.99 monthly or $49.99 yearly. New subscribers can start with a 30 day free trial.

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