When is Wednesday series coming to Netflix?

Wednesday - Courtesy Netflix
Wednesday - Courtesy Netflix /

Jenna Ortega is proving once again that she can do no wrong with her portrayal of Wednesday Addams in the new Netflix series Wednesday. The trailer for the series was just released, and it looks like Jenna totally nailed the deadpan expression and macabre outlook of the character.

There seems to be a lot of interest in Wednesday, and the cast looks pretty great. In addition to Ortega, we will have Catherine Zeta-Jones as Mortitia, Luis Guzman as Gomez, and even Christina Ricci will be appearing. Fans will remember that she played Wednesday in the Addams Family films, so it’s a nice homage to put her in the series.

Jenna has definitely proven her horror chops over the past couple of years. She gave a great performance in the sequel to Netflix original film The Babysitter (titled The Babysitter: Killer Queen) before appearing in the newest Scream film and Ti West’s X. She is also slated to appear in the upcoming Scream sequel (which will be number 6 in the series).

What’s her secret? Well, for one thing, she is incredibly likeable on screen. It seems like no matter what role she is playing, you just root for her. She was honestly my favorite character in Scream, and I loved her in Netflix series You, where she played Ellie. Though it’s not really horror, You is absolutely a thriller series, so I count it when considering Ortega for Scream Queen status.

Wednesday – Courtesy Netflix /

But, let’s talk about that Wednesday trailer, shall we? Jenna Ortega has the PERFECT facial expressions for Wednesday Addams, especially when her face is completely still while her eyes dart back and forth. And the only thing more chilling than her deadpan face is that gleeful smile when she releases the piranha into the pool. Her dry sense of humor is perfection, so she really checks off all the boxes for the iconic character.

When is Wednesday coming to Netflix?

With Tim Burton directing the new series, it’s sure to have that fun/scary mix that we love so much in his work, and, judging by the trailer, there will be some blood as well. Although Netflix has announced that the series will make its debut this fall, no exact date has been cited as of yet.

For more info on the series, watch the Inside Look video below.

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