Shudder debuts trailer for found footage comedy horror Deadstream

Deadstream- Courtesy Shudder
Deadstream- Courtesy Shudder /

Shudder announced much of their 61 Days of Halloween roster last month, and among those additions is Deadstream, which made its premiere 2022 SXSW. The found footage film was pretty widely acclaimed by critics and audiences alike.

Set to begin streaming on Shudder October 6, Deadstream comes to us from Joseph and Vanessa Winter, a married couple who co-produced, co-wrote, co-edited and co-directed their debut feature film. But wait, there’s more! Joseph Winter also stars in the lead role of  self-absorbed content creator Shawn Ruddy.

The Winters not only worked on Deadstream, but they also worked on a segment from Shudder’s upcoming V/H/S/99, which premieres on October 20.

In Deadstream, Shawn is an internet personality who managed to offend (and lose) most of his followers. Desperate to regain his internet fame, he plans to livestream himself spending a night alone in a supposedly haunted house.

Deadstream – Courtesy Fantasia Film Fest /

Shawn walks through the Utah woods (in the dark, naturally) to get to the house, where 11 people are said to have died 75 years ago. Since he is a live streamer, he plants cameras inside and outside the house, thus giving us an up close and personal view of the action as it occurs.

Obviously, this is a horror film, so obviously Shawn does get to experience some frightening paranormal activity, and reviewers have said Deadstream features a good mix of scary/funny content. IndieWire said it “feels like ‘80s Sam Raimi traveled forward in time, became obsessed with streaming culture, and turned Ash Williams into the dumbest possible stunt streamer. And it rules.”

That’s enough to get me interested! Still not completely sold on the concept? Take peek at the Deadstream trailer, which was just released by Shudder. If I wasn’t already sold by the comparison to Sam Raimi, that trailer would do it for sure!

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