Ti West announces a third X film has been greenlit by A24

Fans of Ti West’s X are already elated at the upcoming debut of Pearl, and now they have more great news to savor. A third X film is on the horizon!

X opened in March of this year, and horror fans, as always, were a bit divided. But most seemed to like it, and were appreciative of the dedication Ti West took to make sure it felt like a gritty ‘70s horror film (think The Texas Chain Saw Massacre).

You know what else we appreciated? The sneak peek at Pearl, which nobody knew about at that time. The trailer was buried in the end credits for X, and having just watched that film, we knew exactly who Pearl was; the old woman who had committed the carnage we had just witnessed.

Pearl almost single handedly murdered the entire cast and crew of a porn film that was being filmed on property belonging to her and her husband. The only escapee was Maxine, and, interestingly, both Pearl and Maxine were played by the same actress, Mia Goth.


Pearl – Courtesy A24

Pearl, which is a prequel to X, will open this Friday, September 16. It introduces us to the character’s early years as a young woman yearning for fame and fortune in Hollywood. But she is trapped by an ailing father, who she has to take care of, and a mother who is devoutly religious. Of course, Mia Goth is returning to play the younger version of Pearl. Interesting note: Goth also co-wrote the film with Ti West.

The style in which Pearl was filmed is very different from that of X, described by West as a Technicolor-inspired melodrama.

Now, we move on to the third film in the series, which is a sequel to X. At the Midnight Madness premiere of Pearl, Ti West announced MaXXXIne, and while it has not yet begun filming, A24 has already greenlit it, so things should start up soon.

Mia Goth will be back for MaXXXIne, again playing the aspiring porn star from X.

Judging by the very short teaser that was also released at Midnight Madness, it appears MaXXXIne will be set in the 1980s, meaning another entirely different filming style will be presented. The film follows Maxine, still trying to make it as an actress, this time in Los Angeles. No other details are given, but we can assume that bloodshed will happen onscreen yet again.

Do you like Ti West’s films? Are you planning to watch Pearl, and are you looking forward to MaXXXIne? Let us know how you feel in the comments section.